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Lame-O Mailers from…Where?

I received three political mailers yesterday.

One promoting life, marriage and religious freedom; urging “The Muth Household” to “vote early” for NEVADA Republican candidates.

A second urging us to “Join (NEVADA) Gov. Brian Sandoval and support Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan” because, says Gov. Sandoval, “Romney-Ryan will stand up for Nevada’s seniors.” (Typical DC cookie-cutter political flapdoodle saying absolutely nothing).

A third – again from NEVADA Gov. Sandoval – tells us he “stands with America’s comeback team,” Romney-Ryan.

And get this revelation revealed in the mailer: “Brian Sandoval knows America needs a real recovery.”

Really? REALLY? America needs a real recovery? And Brian Sandoval knows it? Who writes this crap?

The mailer also informs us that Romney-Ryan supports…get this…”More Jobs” and “More Take Home Pay.”

But hold on, Bubba-looey. The mailer also declares: “That’s a plan Brian Sandoval can support.”

Really? REALLY?

Considering Brian Sandoval pushed a $620 million tax hike last year that included a huge increase in the payroll tax – which even Nevada’s most vocal liberal has called a “job killer” – as well as higher sales taxes and car registration fees that REDUCE a family’s take home pay, one has to question the governor’s bona fides on this particular issue.

But here’s the real kicker…

Guess who paid for and mailed all three of these lame mailers to my NEVADA address urging my NEVADA household to vote for NEVADA Republicans and Romney-Ryan in NEVADA?

The NEVADA Republican Party?


The IDAHO Republican Party!

Could this get any more embarrassing?


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