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Lame Duck Strategery

What should Republicans do about “sequestration” in the “lame duck” session of Congress coming up?

Punt. Push to extend the status quo for two years.


Because every day from here on out, President Obama – a lame duck himself now – gets a little weaker.

And in 2014, as experienced and successful battlefield political strategist Grover Norquist pointed out this week:

“Republicans will have a shot at winning the Senate (because) 20 Democrats stand for re-election — all of whom won in the landslide year of 2008 — and only 13 Republican senators – who survived the 2008 blue tsunami – are technically vulnerable.”

So in this case, the best move is to kick the can. Wouldn’t have recommended that if Mitt Romney hadn’t lost. But under the circumstances, the best we can do now is live to fight another day.


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