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Lack of Money for Schools Argument Doesn’t Add Up

Lynn Warne, the state teachers union boss, was on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face program on Thursday and bleated out the same old tired clichés, boiled down to this: we don’t have enough funding for education.


One of these days the media is going to pin down these teachers union propagandists and hit them with the fact that Nevada spends, according to a Nevada Appeal story by veteran reporter Geoff Dornan (“Per pupil spending much higher than just state funding,” 4/17/11), an average of $9,885 per pupil in 2010.

Now do the math with me here (real math, not public school math): If you have 30 students in a classroom, taxpayers are spending $296,550 per classroom/year. Now, the average teacher salary is around $45,000 per year. That means there’s more than a quarter million dollars left over per classroom to spend on rent, utilities, maintenance, administration, etc.


The problem isn’t that we’re not spending enough on education; it’s that somebody is spending it badly. VERY badly.


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