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Knight Lances ObamaCare

The Knights of Mayhem master of ceremonies at the Renaissance Festival in Las Vegas over the weekend – a Gulf War veteran whose Dad is presently serving in Afghanistan – was decidedly politically incorrect in his remarks, making multiple jokes at the expense of the French…and even one about the president’s health insurance program!

After one jousting match, the winning knight rode on his horse around the field throwing candy into the stands. When he was finished, the MC asked everyone who caught a piece of candy to raise their hands. He then asked everyone who didn’t catch a piece of candy to raise their hands. And then he instructed (I’m paraphrasing)…

“OK, everyone who caught a candy, unwrap it, take one lick and pass it to someone who didn’t get one. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a preview of what’s coming with ObamaCare!”

Wow. When even totally non-political folks running a jousting exhibition at a renaissance faire are ridiculing ObamaCare, you know something’s wrong.


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