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“Kirner Tax” Author Laid Out in Reno Debate Smackdown

The Reno Republican Women’s Club hosted a debate yesterday between moderate Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner (RINO-Kirner Tax) and his conservative challenger, Lisa Krasner…and it sure sounds like Krasner emerged as the clear winner.

“Republican challenger Lisa Krasner wasted no time Thursday in attacking Assembly District 26 incumbent Randy Kirner in the first Northern Nevada political debate of the 2014 election year,” Ray Hagar of the Reno Gazette-Journal reported on his blog last night.

Krasner reportedly hit Kirner for his support of the Kirner Tax – an effort to circumvent the Gibbons Tax Restraint law by shifting responsibility for approving a Washoe County tax hike from legislators to county commissioners.

She said that if elected she wouldn’t vote to extend the $600 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes the way Kirner has…twice.

She pointed out that she has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which Kirner has refused to sign.

And she said that, if elected, she will uphold the Republican Party Platform, a document that Kirner appears to have never even heard about, let alone read.

For his part, it appears the only reason Kirner could give to justify his re-election is that he’s on the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

The Pork and Bacon Committee.  Big whoop.

By the way, Kirner is also on the Taxation Committee.  And based on his voting record it seems these committees are a natural fit for the Reno RINO because he’s found all kinds of ways and means to raise taxation during his two terms in office!

The thin-skinned Kirner, clearly defensive over his support for the Kirner Tax, refused to discuss the Kirner Tax during the debate.  “I could talk about AB46 (the Kirner Tax),” the Kirner Tax author told the audience, “but I think that has already been aired at the county (level) and I am not going to air it here.”

I bet not! 

I mean, how do you justify your support for multiple tax hikes in front of a room full of anti-tax Republicans?

“I appreciate the fact that (Krasner) is not an incumbent and so her only pathway to the position is to find fault with me and to make campaign promises, which I call rhetoric,” Kirner told Hagar after the debate. “But when you look at my record, it is a stellar record in terms of working for the people and delivering results.”

She didn’t find fault with Kirner; she found fault with his lousy voting record.

And it’s not “rhetoric.”  It’s called taking a position…something Gumby Republicans like Assemblyman Kirner-Tax are loathe to do.  They prefer to stand for nothing…which is why they so often fall for anything.

And the only results Kirner has delivered to the people are higher taxes, more spending, bigger government, drivers licenses for people in the country illegally, Nevada’s version of ObamaCare and expanded Medicaid.

Oh, and he single-handedly killed a bill last session that would have given the parents of children stuck in a perpetually failing public schools the power to vote to convert the school to a charter school.

Bring on Conservageddon!


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