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Kieckhefer vs. Townsend vs. Republicans

Why is freshman state Sen. Ben Kieckhefer the ONLY Republican in the state Senate thinking about voting with the Democrats to subvert the Nevada Constitution by allowing state Treasurer “Calamity” Kate Marshall to lend taxpayer money to favored private corporations?

Well, here’s something we just found out about this morning. Kieckhefer, as you may recall, ran to replace term-limited state Sen. Randolph Townsend. And Townsend, as you may recall, pulled out all the stops to help Kieckhefer win. And guess what? Townsend recently testified in favor of the bill that every other Republican in the state Senate opposes.


Will Sen. Kieckhefer side with his benefactor…or with the citizens of Nevada?

I’m told the vote on the bill has been postponed until tomorrow, so if you haven’t contacted Sen. Kieckhefer to voice your opposition to this bill, there’s still time…but not much time to waste. Click here to get additional background information, as well as the senator’s contact information.


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