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Just When You Thought Ensign Had Gone as Low as You Can Go…

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada) had established a legal defense fund.

At the time it was believed that the shakedown….er, fund was established to help Ensign himself pay the legal bills associated with his indefensible defense of sleeping with a staffer’s wife, then helping the staffer illegally get lobbying contracts, and finally having his parents pay off the staffer’s wife and family to the tune of ninety-six large in an effort to cover-up the whole sordid affair.

Few thought the establishment of this self-serving fund could actually be even more nefarious than it was on the surface. But we’re dealing with John Ensign here, folks.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal revealed this morning that money from the fund is actually being used to pay the legal bills of unnamed staffers – whether they are current or past isn’t yet known – who have been dragged into the Ensign scandal/investigation and who might, just might, be privy to information in the matter which could be extremely harmful to Sen. Pants-on-the-Ground.

Using your federal elected position to raise money from folks who might want something from you to pay the lawyers of staffers who might have information that could be used against you in a court of law is apparently legal in our national sewer better known as Congress.

And yet….no leading Republican candidates or elected officials, in Nevada or in our nation’s capital, have called on Sen. Droopy Drawers to resign. What a dysfunctional party. No wonder so many of us have left.


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