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Just Say No to Congressional Pay Hike

The following coalition letter was sent to Nevada’s congressional delegation today…

An Open Letter to Nevada’s Congressional Delegation Urging Opposition to Automatic Congressional Pay Raises

February 12, 2009

Beginning this month, Congress will receive the first portion of its automatic annual pay increase. By the end of the 2009, this raise will amount to a $4,700 increase over last year’s salaries, bringing annual congressional salaries to $174,000.

At a time of economic downturn with families across the United States facing a decline in their real wages, Congress should stand with their constituents and eschew automatic raises.

We, the undersigned ask you to support HR 156, the “Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act.” This legislation would stop the automatic Congressional pay raise for 2010 and send a powerful message to the American people that our lawmakers stand with them during these tough economic times.

Americans across the country are tightening their belts in the face of difficult economic times. At the same time, Congressional approval ratings stand near historic lows.

Passing this bill would send a clear signal that Congress refuses to insulate itself from the crises at hand. This concession would serve as a strong symbol of your resolve to put solving our nation’s problems instead of looking out for your own bottom lines.

We again urge you to support the “Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act.” The bill enjoys great support, both in the public and among its 78 bi-partisan cosponsors.


Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

Janine Hansen
Nevada Eagle Forum

Heather Kydd & Casey Hendrickson
Talk Show Hosts

Sue Lowden
Chairman, Nevada Republican Party

Jon Kamerath
Chairman, Clark County Independent American Party

Robert Seale
Former Treasurer of the State of Nevada.

Heidi Smith
Chairman Washoe County Republican Party

Nancy Dallas

Dan Burdish
Nevadans for Tax Restraint

Yale Cunningham
Former Executive Director, Nevada Republican Party

R.C. Alexander
The ALTEC Group

Ed Hamilton, President
Coalition for a Conservative Majority

Susan Konkol
Carson City Republican Women


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