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Now this is depressing…

“After a five-day legislative session, (California) lawmakers approved the budget plan early Thursday after Mr. Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders corralled the final Republican needed for the required two-thirds majority. State Sen. Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria cast the needed GOP vote after Senate leaders met his demand to kill a gas-tax increase and add an election-reform proposal to a state ballot.”

What a sell-out…for 30 pieces of silver. So he killed the gas tax hike…big deal. California taxpayers are still going to get hit with…

$5.8 billion sales tax hike
$3.7 billion income tax hike
$1.5 billion vehicle registration fee hike

And $1.4 billion in lost tax exemption by reducing the dependent care deduction from $300 to $100.

This is like Davey Crockett opening the back door to the Alamo. After all these months of holding firm and fighting valiantly against tax hikes, Abel was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Hall of Taxpayer Shame, here he comes.


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