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Jon Ralston Can’t Even Cut it as a Political Towel Boy


Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, despises Nevada GOP chief Mike McDonald.  It sure seems personal, but probably has more to do with the fact that McDonald doesn’t bend over and kiss Ralston’s arse the way so many Republican establishment types do.

This recent Ralston Rant about McDonald will give you an idea of the disdain Li’l Jon has for Big Mike…

“This is the worst party organization this state (the country?) has ever seen, with workarounds since 2012 still continuing… McDonald has no business being in the position, especially because the most prominent elected officials don’t want him there. He is an impediment, not an asset. He has no credibility and no money, thus is a CINO – chairman in name only. He just doesn’t get that yet.”

What a dick.

First, there are PLENTY of other party organizations, on both sides of the aisle, which are ineffective.  And a big reason for that are changes in campaign finance laws thanks to McCain-Feingold and the Citizens United court decision.  As such, well-funded third party operations have sprung up all over the U.S., not just in Nevada.

Secondly, the “workarounds” are not because of the party’s weak infrastructure but because the would-be rulers don’t like the rabble who refuse to be ruled.  Much to their chagrin, the powers-that-be don’t get to choose who heads the party; the party members choose who gets to head the party.  This is not a monarchy.

Indeed, rather than working with the conservative majority that currently makes up the Republican Central Committee body, the establishment folks picked up their ball and stormed home in a huff.  Rule or ruin is, indeed, their attitude.

This is an undeniable fact: The Nevada GOP is weaker today than it should be because of Gov. Brian “BS” Sandoval (R&R-Partners) and his handlers, not Mike McDonald.

And when you think about it, what’s it say about Sandoval’s reign when all the king’s high-priced consultants and all the king’s yes-men can’t even beat “the worst party organization this state has ever seen”?

I mean, come on.  This is like the Bad News Bears beating the New York Yankees.

Indeed, if the party people are such political dolts without two nickels to rub together, why haven’t Brian’s brains been able to take over the party?  Seriously, who are the ones who should really be embarrassed here?

Oh, and do you know who really doesn’t “get it”?


This guy is nothing but a political spectator, sitting up in the peanut gallery heckling the players on the field.  From both teams.

Other than perhaps running for Class Clown in junior high school, Ralston has no real-life political experience and knows absolutely nothing about running for office, managing a campaign or overseeing a party operation.  Indeed, I have no doubt this guy would have difficulty organizing a knitting party at a senior citizen center.

It’s no wonder Jon no longer has a newspaper column in this state, has been relegated to blogger/tweeter status, and is attracting mostly B- and C-list guests for his little-watched television program whose shelf-life may very well be close to its expiration date.


Ed Vogel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal did an excellent job encapsulating the ongoing Nevada political war between “Muth Republicans” vs. “Sandoval Republicans” in a story today.

I take particular pride in Vogel’s report that Minority Leader Pat Hickey’s “distaste for Muth is intense.”  The feeling is mutual; not about Hickey himself, but about his failed wishy-washy, go-along-to-get-along “leadership.”

And it is absolutely true that getting rid of Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson (RINO-Las Vegas) is more important to me than holding the seat he represents. As Mr. Vogel noted, it’s not because of Moderate Mike’s moderate voting record.  As John Wayne so eloquently put it in The Cowboys, “I can’t stand a liar.”

Click here to read the full story.


Ralston, of course sneered at the RJ story today, describing me as a “guy who has never won anything.”

Of course, the factually-challenged Ralston is wrong again.  At the very least, I won an election as Clark County Republican Party chairman and a follow-up election as National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus.  Which puts me at least two up on Ralston who, truly, has never won anything.

That’s because he’s not a player.  He’s not even a bench-warmer.  Or even a towel boy.  He’s just a spectator.

Oh, and a dick.



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