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Jon Porter, State Chairman?

More than a few heads were scratched last week with the announcement that former moderate Republican Rep. Jon Porter’s political corpse was raised in order to serve as honorary chairman of the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas next October.

I mean…really….why? Why not give incumbent Rep. Joe Heck the high-profile and prestigious slot? Inquiring minds wanna know.

The only plausible explanation I’ve heard so far is that the GOP establishment is looking for someone possessing what they believe to be more gravitas with the donor community than Patrick McNaught or Amy Tarkanian to run for chairman of the Nevada Republican Party if/when current Chairman Mark Amodei steps down to run for Congress in CD 2.

But if the establishment thinks they can get Porter, with his moderate voting record, past the conservative tea party activists who now control the Nevada GOP, they’re nuts. Who’s their choice for vice-chairman…Bill Raggio?


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