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Johnny O’s Gym Now Open: Special Offer!

Susan Furlong-Reil of the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) got around to the really important operational issues for this legislative session in an email she sent out on Friday:

“Sign-ups for the fitness room located in Room 3151 are currently underway. As a reminder, the room is available to all legislative staff and contains two treadmills, two ellipticals, and two recumbent bicycles. This fitness room is part of our ongoing effort to promote health and fitness, which have been shown to improve productivity and cut down on illness and sick leave.

“Risk management requires that anyone using the fitness room must sign a liability release, which includes instruction on the safe use of all the equipment. Anyone wishing to use the fitness equipment must first comply with this requirement on his or her own time, either before work or during a meal break. If you are interested in using the fitness room, please email Robin Bates at to schedule a time to complete these requirements.”

She is talking about, of course, the new Johnny O’s Gym built this year for Assembly Speaker John Oceguera with about $32,000 worth of taxpayer money. Sure glad there’s no budget crisis going on to worry about!


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