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Johnny O: It’s all about…Him

As if going after Democrat empty suit congressional candidate Steve Horsford wasn’t enough, former university chancellor Jim Rogers is now singeing the tail feathers of Democrat empty suit congressional candidate John Oceguera. Here’s Sunday’s tweet from Mr. Rogers:

“John Oceguera is one Democrat, and there are very few, that will not get my vote. Even if Joe Heck were far less qualified than he is, Oceguera would still not get my vote.

“As you may know, Oceguera graduated from the UNLV Boyd School of Law. I asked him why he continued to be a fireman when he had a professional degree. His answer was simple. The pay of a fireman is greater than the pay of a lawyer.

“Something is wrong with this picture and Oceguera has always known it. While being in the leadership of the fire departments and knowing the outrageous pay of fireman he did nothing to stop it. That leads me to believe that Oceguera will always put his own interests before those of Nevada.

“Don’t vote for him.”

Sounds like pretty good advice.


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