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Joe Biden: From Gaffes to Laughs

Bottom line on last night’s vice presidential debate: Paul Ryan looked serious and up to the task of serving as vice president under Mitt Romney. He did nothing to scare independents or lessen the support he already enjoys with the GOP’s conservative base. To that end, he was a winner.

One bad spot though: Joe Biden nailed Ryan effectively as a hypocrite for opposing the stimulus…but then requesting stimulus money for his district. Talking the talk; not walking the walk. That kind of inconsistency hurts a politician’s credibility. Still, it was just a flesh wound.

Now as to Biden…

He came off looking like that mechanical/maniacal clown at the miniature golf course in the Adam Sandler movie “Happy Gilmore.” Click here for a 52-second clip of the scene I’m talking about in case you haven’t seen the movie.

And click here for a 1:10-second compilation by the RNC of Biden treating every important national issue as a laughing matter.

Among the words used to describe the vice president’s performance: buffoon, disrespectful, over-bearing, obnoxious, contemptuous, sarcastic, condescending, appalling, disturbing, patronizing, irritating and rude.

And that’s just the words that are printable in a semi-family publication!

That aside, the most significant part of the debate, in my opinion, was Biden blaming the intelligence community for the administration’s false characterization of the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack on our embassy as a protest against some stupid YouTube video no one had seen.

As my friend Rich Galen notes, the Democrats have been slamming Bush 43 for a decade because of erroneous information our intelligence community provided related to Iraq and its efforts to acquire nuclear “yellow cake.” It’s unthinkable to the Left that our intelligence operations could have been wrong about that, but it’s apparently the same intelligence community’s fault that four American diplomats in Libya are dead.

Anyway, the Obama-Biden team, incessantly saying everything from the economy to the war to teenage pimples is Bush’s fault brings to mind this quote by Benjamin Franklin: “He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”



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