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Jim Rogers: Muth Has Less than Half a Brain

Nevada’s resident Bloviator-in-Chief; the High Priest of Hyperbole; the Pampered Prince of Pomposity, TV mogul Jim Rogers weighs in with a new ghost-written tweet today saying some very unkind and hurtful things about poor little me:

I thought it was statistically impossible for one state as small as Nevada to have two intellectual lightweights like Sharron Angle and Chuck Muth at the same time. Yet here they are. My analysis proved to be wrong because I had not known that Muth and Angle had been born Siamese twins and at the time of separation each got somewhat less than half a brain.

I make these comments about Chuck Muth because he is dangerous in that he has no understanding of higher education when he claims that higher education has withstood all the budget cuts to date and will be able to do so in the near future. The problem is not simply the cuts. The problem is how those cuts damage the Nevada’s Higher Education System. Mr. Muth needs to take a course in logic and learn something about cause and effect.

That’s right! Ice…man. I am dangerous.

Oops, sorry. I flashed back momentarily to my days flying fighter jets at Top Gun in Miramar.

Actually, I don’t mind being accused of having half a brain….especially since that’s all that’s necessary to match wits with the likes of Mr. Rogers’ ghost-writer. But to compare me to Sharron Angle? Now, that’s just mean.


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