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Jihadi Jon Tells Another Whopper


Liberal blogger/gossip columnist “Jihadi Jon” Ralston is at it again.

Todd Gillman, Washington Bureau Chief for the Dallas News, whined in a tweet yesterday that “A deputy White House press secretary, whose taxpayer-funded job literally is to interact with the news media, declined to take questions on the record during today’s Air Force One gaggle.”

This “entitlement” mentality of these “journalists” is unbelievable.  Yes, they have a First Amendment right to ask whatever questions they so choose.  But there’s no obligation on the part of anyone, including taxpayer-paid staffers for an elected official, to answer them.

But that didn’t stop the conservative-hating Jihadi Jon from hopping on Gillman’s bandwagon with this self-serving twit-tweet…

“Well, he (the White House press secretary) could have a job with @SenDeanHeller or @adamlaxalt, who have instructed their taxpayer-funded flacks to ignore media requests. These folks are not paid by their elected bosses, as in campaigns; they are paid by us.

That statement is just flat-out false.  A bald-faced lie.

Both Heller’s and Laxalt’s offices regularly respond to media requests.  You could look it up.  Just Google ‘em.  Lots and lots of media reports and interviews.

What has Ralston’s laced panties in a wad is the fact that neither considers his biased, conservative-bashing blog to be legitimate “media.”  So they ignore HIM and HIS requests.  Not real news organizations.  Just his “fake news.”

As they should.  The guy is a partisan hack with a political agenda.  He’s a PR flack for the left who doesn’t deserve the time of day.  All Republican candidates and elected officials should follow Heller’s and Laxalt’s example and ignore this goofball.


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