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Jason Frierson: A Rapist-Protecting Cowardly Liar

I’m going to have a LOT more to say and write about this later, but put this on your radar screen and be ready to do something about it in the days and weeks to come. Here’s the outrageous and sickening details…

A young woman with a concealed carry (CCW) permit, Amanda Collins, was brutally raped in the parking garage on the campus of UNR in 2007. The same scumbag kidnapped, raped and murdered another young Reno woman, Brianna Dennison, a few weeks later.

The insult added to Collins’ injury is that Nevada state law prohibited her from carry her handgun on campus, which meant she was easy prey and had no means to defend herself.

In response, Collins and other pro-self defense gun rights activists and legislators attempted to change the law in 2011 and end “gun free zones” on our colleges and universities for properly licensed CCW permit holders.

The bill passed in the Nevada Senate – but was killed unilaterally without a vote in the Assembly by Committee Chairman William Horne – a chickensh*t who armed himself and packed heat in the legislative building a few weeks back when he was afraid former Assemblyman Steven Brooks might attack him.

So it’s OK for a big, tough man to carry a gun in the Legislature while surrounded by taxpayer-funded personal security guards…but it’s not OK for a young college co-ed with a CCW permit? What a freaking hypocrite!

Frierson, Jason

Assemblyman Jason Frierson (D-Rapists Anonymous)

Anyway, a similar “campus carry” bill (AB143) was introduced this session by GOP Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. For the bill to stay alive and move forward it needed seven votes from the 12-member Judiciary Committee, now chaired by Democrat Assemblyman Jason Frierson, by last Friday’s deadline.

The seven votes were there…but Frierson unbelievably refused to allow a vote on the bill!

“It’s the purview of the chair,” Frierson pompously told the Associated Press, claiming the bill didn’t have the seven votes needed for approval.

There’s just no nice way to sugar-coat this: Jason Frierson is a bald-faced liar!

The bill had four Republican co-sponsors on the committee – Fiore, Wesley Duncan, Ira Hansen and Jim Wheeler – who would have voted to move the bill forward.

In addition, there are two Democrat co-sponsors on the committee – Assemblyman James Ohrenschall and Richard Carrillo – who would have voted to move the bill forward. That’s six.

The tie-breaker vote would have been Democrat Assemblyman Andrew Martin, who confirmed to at least three people I know of, as well as the Associated Press, that he would have voted to move the bill out of committee.


And that’s why I feel comfortable calling Frierson a liar. Clearly he knew there were seven votes to move this bill out of committee and that’s why he refused to call for a vote and killed the bill single-handedly.

“All the women who get raped on our campuses, their blood is on his hands,” Collins said after “bursting into tears” as Frierson killed the bill right in front of her eyes.

Indeed. But it won’t be just on Frierson’s hands.

If Democrat leaders – who now know Frierson lied through his teeth about not having the votes to pass the bill out of committee – don’t find a way to resurrect the bill (yes, there are ways for leadership to still do this) and at least put every legislator on record voting for or against the bill, that blood will be on THEIR HANDS, too.

I’m going to wait a couple of days to see how Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick handles this situation and give her a chance to do the right thing. Then we’ll see about turning the public heat up if necessary.

Amanda Collins deserves a vote on this bill. In fact, ALL Nevada citizens deserve a vote on this. If elected legislators vote the bill down, that’s one thing. But to use legislative tricks and gimmicks to hide from casting a public vote on such a potentially life-and-death issue? That’s nothing but pure political cowardice.

We now know Frierson is a lying, rapist-protecting coward. What about the rest of his colleagues?

By the way, the other four Assembly Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who may or may not have voted the campus carry bill out of committee are Lesley Cohen, Olivia Diaz, Marilyn Dondero-Loop and Ellen Spiegel.

More to come…


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