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Is Sandoval Afraid Conservatism is Contagious?

Brian Sandoval campaigned for governor on pretty much just two conservative issues: no-new-taxes and school vouchers. However, he has since populated his transition team and administration with personnel who enthusiastically support neither. I mean, couldn’t the governor-elect at least put a token movement conservative or two on his transition team and/or in his administration?

For example, Sandoval has promised to present a balanced budget in January with no tax increases in the midst of a serious government overspending crisis, and the only conservative think tank in the state to have proposed such a budget in the past, and is known to be producing a new one as we speak – the Nevada Policy Research Institute – has reportedly yet to hear from any officials or transition team leaders from the incoming administration, let alone the Gov.-elect himself.

Perhaps even more inexplicable, however, is Sandoval’s rumored school voucher proposal.

In an interview last week with Jon Ralston on Face to Face, the Washoe County school superintendent revealed that he has met with and spoken to Sandoval himself and, as a result, Sandoval was already backing off from, or at least changing, his school voucher plan.

Meanwhile, there are two conservative state legislators – Sen. Barbara Cegavske and Assemblyman Ed Goedhart – who have introduced school voucher bills over the last couple of legislative session, and neither has heard word one from Sandoval or anyone in his administration or on his transition team on the issue.

Are you kidding me?

Looks like it’s going to be a long and often painful 4-8 years back out in the political wilderness for conservatives in Nevada.


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