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Is Sandoval About to Ax the Anti-Yucca Office?

Gov.-elect Sandoval announced another key appointment on Tuesday: Bruce Breslow to take over the DMV. An interesting appointment for two reasons. First, because once again apparently there were no conservatives in the entire state of Nevada qualified for the position. But secondly because Breslow is currently in charge of the state’s non-essential anti-Yucca Mountain office.

I say non-essential because Harry Reid was re-elected Senate Majority Leader last month and between him and Barack Obama, the Yucca Mountain Project has been declared dead, dead, DEAD! So then, why do Nevada taxpayers need to keep funneling millions upon millions of dollars into an effort to fight a dead project? Could this be a sign that Sandoval intends to ax the anti-Yucca Mountain office when he announces his budget next month.

Sure hope so.


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