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Irritating Race-Baiting, Race-Hustlin’ Liberals

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(Chuck Muth) – I am not known as Nevada’s #1 irritator of liberals and RINO’s for nothing.

Two new examples from over the holidays…

1.) In response to a fundraising letter I sent out to some registered Republicans just before the holidays, I got one in return that was addressed to “Militant Extremist Chuck Muth.”


On the reply form, the recipient wrote…

  • “Muth makes me up chuck”
  • “Thank you governor for not giving in to extremists like NPRI”
  • “Chuck is an idiot”

I can’t be sure, but the hand-writing looks a little like Senate Majority Leader Tax Hike Mike Roberson’s.

2.) After a race-hustler at the Huffington Post wrote a column last week pouring gasoline on the racial fires in America, I took black Nevada State Sen. Aaron Ford to task last Monday for promoting the clap-trap to his Twitter followers…

“This is total BS, perpetuates myth of rampant racism in Obama’s America & encourages self-destructive culture of victimology.”

The key word, of course, is “rampant.”

I’m not saying there aren’t still pockets of racism in America. Of course there are. But, come on folks. The country, overwhelmingly white, elected a half-black president TWICE. This ain’t the 1960’s, no matter how badly the race-hustlers want to pretend it is.

Anyway, Ford got his dander up over being challenged. He tweeted in response…

“I’m literally snarling at your comment. I’m so bothered by your blindness. Ridiculous.”

Snarling? That goes WELL beyond being irritated. I must be doing something “right”!

Anyway, the twitter-sation continued into yesterday. If you want to read the entire back and forth, you can go here.

I actually have respect for Sen. Ford, even though I think he’s dead wrong on this issue.

But the same can’t be said for a pip-squeak liberal black public school teacher named Erik Huey, who also became extremely irritated and joined the fray.

Huey is a moron…and a perfect example of why our public schools stink on ice. For example, try this grammatically-challenged “thought” he posted on Twitter…

“I can’t think of not one black family among my circle of friends that hasn’t had such a conversation in their home.”

“I can’t think of not one”?

He ain’t go not good English.

I believe Sister Susan Mary taught us that was a double-negative. No wonder “Johnny” in Mr. Huey’s class can’t read!

In any event, Huey yesterday referred to my Muth’s Truths response last Thursday to Ford’s tweet linking to the HuffPo crud column as a “sorry-ass rebuttal, adding…

“Full of tripe. It does nothing. Adds no positive value to this discussion.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I mean “non-white.”

Huey later added…

“Despite Muth’s assertions, racism in America is real. No myths here. Racism is real.”

Huey is a race-hustling mental midget who continues to instill the culture of black victimology in his students. He’s doing the children in his classroom a tremendous disservice.

No wonder Gia and I homeschool.

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