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In Nevada’s Gender-Card Dame-Game, GOP Holds 4 Aces

(Chuck Muth) – Identity politics is stupid.

Democrats love to play this game.  Vote for Candidate A because he’s black.  Vote for Candidate B because she’s a woman.  Vote for Candidate C because he’s Jewish.  Vote for Candidate D because she’s gay.  Vote for Candidate E because he’s a she or she’s a he, depending on how he/she wishes to “identify.”

Republicans tend to play a different game.  Vote for candidates A, B, C, D and E because they’ll vote to keep government limited, taxes low and defend individual liberties regardless of their race, gender, religion, national heritage or sexual orientation/identification.

Democrats judge candidates by what they are.  Republicans judge candidates by what they believe.  Democrats judge candidates by the color of their skin.  Republicans judge candidates by the content of their character.

Which do you think is the “American Way”?

Anyway, back in 2018 Nevada became the “Dame-Game” champion.  After a pair of appointments, not elections, women ended up outnumbering men in the Nevada Legislature.  And the corporate media went into full rapture…

  • “Nevada became the first state in the U.S. with an overall female majority in the Legislature,” reported PBS.

  • “Women have hit a political jackpot in Nevada (when it became) the first in the nation with a majority female legislature,” burbled CNN.

  • “For the first time in our nation’s history, a state legislature has a majority of female lawmakers,” trumpeted CBS.

  • “No state has ever had a female majority,” noted CNBC.

  • “No other legislature has achieved that milestone in U.S. history,” gushed the Washington Post.

  • “Nevada is the first and only state in the country where women make up a majority of lawmakers,” observed the Los Angeles Times.

  • “Nevada made history when it became the first state in the US with a female-majority legislature,” the BBC breathlessly reported.

  • “It’s the first time in our nation’s history that any state legislature holds a majority of female lawmakers,” chimed in NPR.

  • “Nevada will seat the nation’s first-ever female-majority Legislature in February,” added the Reno Gazette-Journal.

And how’s that worked out for us?  Um, not so swell…

  • Nevadans are being fired for not getting a vaccine that doesn’t work
  • Nevadans are being forced to wear masks that don’t work
  • Nevada’s at the bottom of the list in education
  • We’re at the top of the list in unemployment
  • Crime is surging
  • Drug abuse is skyrocketing
  • The southern border is wide open
  • The homeless camps on our streets continue to grow
  • Government spending has exploded
  • Taxes have gone up
  • Prices have gone up
  • Store shelves are empty
  • Traffic sucks
  • Elections are unsecure

But here is perhaps the most embarrassing failure of Nevada’s woman-majority Legislature: They’ve meekly let a man tell them what to do and assumed a submissive, obedient position in state government.

The Man is Nevada Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak.  And on March 17, 2020, this man essentially declared himself Emperor by seizing unprecedented, and arguably unconstitutional, “emergency” powers without consulting with, let alone getting approval from, Nevada’s woman-majority Legislature.

The Man told them they were to be seen, not heard.  They were told, “Don’t call us; we’ll call you.”  Silenced.  Ignored.  Patted on the head. Sent to the kitchen.  Barefoot.

But rather than channel their “I am woman, hear me roar!” power, they did as they were told and retreated to the corner awaiting further instructions.

Not all of them, to be sure.  It was DEMOCRAT women who let The Man push them around, blow them off and run roughshod over them.  Conversely, it was a handful of conservative Republican women who defied the governor, fought him every step of the way and attempted to strip him of his dictatorial powers.

The Democrat women didn’t support their fellow Republican women.  Instead, they blindly supported The Man who didn’t even give them cab fare home in the morning.

But if you think that’s bad, consider this…

Depending on which figures you use, Nevada is either dead last or second to last in education.  And the reason isn’t the schools in Nevada’s rural counties.  The reason our state is always sucking hind teat is Clark County.

And the Clark County school board is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, inarguably, the single most dysfunctional government body in the entire state.  Bar none.  Just look at the recent embarrassment where they fired the superintendent and then just a couple weeks later re-hired him.

The seven board members?  All women.  Every one of them.

Now, to be fair, the problem isn’t electing women.  It’s electing wrong-thinking women.  It’s electing women solely on the basis of their gender, not their genius.  It’s in electing subservient liberal women who are treated as nothing more than political “eye candy” to the identity politics gang on the left.

Look, if you’re a Nevadan hellbent on playing gender politics and electing more women in 2022, fine.  But let’s at least elect more conservative GOP women with actual qualifications and experience who think independently, have a backbone and won’t destroy our economy and undermine our constitutional rights.

I have four modest suggestions for this election cycle…

1.)  Sigal Chattah, Attorney General

After the “Sisolak Shutdown” was ordered in March 2020, suddenly the cat had the tongue of just about every reporter and columnist in the state – other than Victor Joecks of the Las Vegas Review-Journal – and just about every elected official – other than Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

Filling the void in that vacuum of leadership opposition was an Israeli-born private attorney in Las Vegas named Sigal Chattah (see-GALL CHAT-ah).

Chattah filed a lawsuit, pro bono, to overturn Sisolak’s authoritarian “emergency” order that padlocked Nevada’s churches of every denomination. And on December 15, 2020, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Sisolak’s church ban, earning her the nickname, “The Jew Who Saved Christmas.”

Shortly thereafter she announced her candidacy for Nevada attorney general.

“Personally, my candidacy started because of COVID restrictions,” Chattah told the Nevada Globe in an interview. “The Governor’s abusive emergency powers, the violation of personal constitutional rights and the failure of the Attorney General (Aaron Ford, a man) is what inspired me to run.”

Sigal graduated from Valley High School in Las Vegas and received her degree in Political Science at UNLV, concentrating on International Politics and Middle Eastern Studies.

She attended Widener University School of Law in Pennsylvania, as well as Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland – studying both Human Rights and International Law – before opening her own firm in 2002 catering to both domestic and international litigation needs in Las Vegas

Sigal’s an intelligent, ball-busting, take-no-prisoners, bare-knuckle street fighter who ain’t about to sit by quietly while a governor – or a president, for that matter – tramples on the basic constitutional rights of Nevada’s citizens.

2.)  Diane Steel, Congress, District 1

Diane Steel received an undergraduate degree from Valdosta State College in 1977 and earned her J.D. from California Western School of Law in 1990.

She got her start in politics in 1994 when she won a surprising upset victory for a seat in the Nevada State Assembly, where she chaired the Economic Development and Tourism Committee.

She then served as former Lieutenant Gov. Lonnie Hammargren’s chief-of-staff before being elected to Clark County’s 8th Judicial District Court, Family Division, in 1996.  She was consistently re-elected and retired, after 22 years on the bench, in 2019.

Diane served on the Supreme Court’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Guardianships, served as the presiding judge in the Family Division from 2000 through 2002 and was president of the Pro Bono Foundation for five years.

She also served on the Clark County Bench Bar Committee, the Nevada State Bar, Family Section Executive Council, the Board of Trustees Clark County Law Library and was the Family Court Legislative Representative.

In addition, Diane was instrumental in the creation of the Donna’s House Visitation Exchange Program, the Judicial Studies Program, the Self-Help Center Project, the Youth Eagle Leadership Project and the Jury Services-CASA Recruitment Program.

If CD-1 voters are looking for an extremely qualified woman with intelligence and experience to represent Nevadans in Washington, DC…well, look no further.

3.)  April Becker, Congress, District 3

April worked to put herself through law school.  But she’s not just an attorney; she owns her own law firm.  And she’s not just a “settlement” attorney; she’s a trial lawyer – and a darned good one at that.

In 2020, April had the gumption to challenge the sitting Democrat State Senate Majority Leader, Nicole Cannizzaro, in a Democrat-majority district, and came within a whisker of pulling off a major upset in an election loaded with plenty of suspicious voting irregularities.

She’s extremely personable, confident and conservative.  She doesn’t suffer fools gladly or take crap off anybody.  She’s nobody’s puppet.  She’s no creampuff.  She’s no wallflower.  She’s no pushover.  To the contrary, April has the fighting spirit of a honey badger.

Indeed, while most other candidates who lost close races in that fouled-up 2020 election simply accepted their defeat and withdrew from the battlefield, April fought back.  She put together a team of grassroots canvassers who went door-to-door to collect sworn affidavits attesting to votes illegally cast and then sued, though unsuccessfully, to contest the results.

Losing a close race that may very well have been stolen is a pretty bitter pill to swallow.  Few would blame her if she quit politics after such an experience.  Instead, April’s hopped right back up on the horse and has an extremely good chance to win this seat in November.

4.)  Annie Black, Congress, District 4

Even before the ink was dry on Gov. Sisolak’s unconstitutional March 17 “Declaration of Emergency” executive order shutting the state down, then-Mesquite City Councilwoman Annie Black was on his case and in his face.

She blistered him throughout her 2020 campaign for the Nevada State Assembly, where she blew out a RINO (Republican in Name Only) incumbent in a landslide.

She was nicknamed “Political Orphan Annie” by Las Vegas Review-Journal editor Steve Sebelius after she refused to join the wishy-washy Republican Assembly Caucus and became a one-person wrecking crew taking on Sisolak and his Democrat minions in the Legislature.

Annie’s first bill called for the immediate termination of Sisolak’s “Declaration of Emergency,” and she regularly took to the floor of the Assembly calling on the Legislature to open its doors to the public.

Towards the end of the session, Annie was banished from the floor of the Assembly for refusing to wear a mask or produce a “vaccine passport.” When Democrats demanded that she apologize to be allowed back in the Chamber, she told them to kiss her grits.

Wanna send a woman to Congress from Nevada who’s a proven fighter and proven conservative?  Do what I do: Bet on Black!

The list of solid, thinking, fighting, experienced, qualified conservative women running for office this year doesn’t end here.  The amount of space I have ends here.

So I’ll close by throwing out just a few additional names for you to watch this cycle who have excellent chances to win in November: Monica Jaye for State Senate, Melissa Blundo and Amy Groves for State Assembly and Mary Marshall-Lang and Erica Neely for Clark County School Board.

Ladies, start your engines!


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