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In Interview, McDonald Tap Dances around Election Disaster

(Chuck Muth) – The consensus of opinion by Muth’s Truths readers is that it’s time for Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald to resign and allow someone new to assume this critical leadership position as we enter the 2024 presidential election cycle.

Another example (name withheld to protect the innocent)…

“The Nevada GOP has been riding the wrong horse, down the wrong trail, in the wrong direction for years under wagon-master McDonald’s leadership, all the while pretending like they’re getting somewhere.”

But Chairman McDonald has stubbornly declared he ain’t goin’ anywhere.

In an interview this morning, KXNT conservative talk-show host Alan Stock asked McDonald when he planned to leave the chairmanship.  McDonald’s response: “That’s up to the (Nevada GOP) Central Committee.”

Hmm.  I’m going to get to that in a future column because many of you have asked what the options are to get the Central Committee to take action to bring in a new boss.  I’ll just say this for now…

Like most everything else at the party these days, it’s a mess.  Stay tuned.

Back to the interview…

Alan opened by pointing out this thing called “facts.”

He asked about the fact that Republicans in Nevada in 2022 lost the U.S. Senate race, lost three out of four U.S. House races, lost half of the constitutional office races, lost a seat in the State Senate, and two seats in State Assembly – keeping Republicans in the minority and super-minority respectively.

McDonald’s caustic response: “You sound like a Democrat.”

Ah, how to win friends and influence people.

McDonald continued by declaring, “We did a great job.”

Good thing for him Alan didn’t have a “laugh track” button on his console.

McDonald then dissembled all over himself in trying to excuse the GOP’s massive failure.  He essentially threw up his hands and pretty much blamed everyone other than himself.

He even went so far as to suggest, I’m assuming kiddingly, that the only way to get Republicans who stayed home out to vote was to pay them (yes, that’s illegal).

So he (a) doesn’t accept responsibility for the failure, and (b) has no idea how to fix the problem.

But have no fear; he’s staying on the job!

Sadly, to tell you the truth, that wasn’t the worst part of the interview.

In my initial column calling for McDonald to step down, I warned of an impending crisis Republicans in Nevada will be facing in the 2024 presidential primary if McDonald remains in the position…

“What’s going to happen during the 2024 election cycle if, as expected, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (and others) challenge Donald Trump in the GOP primary?  No matter how hard he tries – if he does, indeed, try – to play it straight, there’s no way McDonald will be able to shake the suspicion and belief that he’s in Trump’s pocket and tipping the scales.”

And as if on cue, McDonald did exactly what I warned about.

When Alan pointed out that DeSantis was likely to challenge Trump for the 2024 nomination, McDonald replied, adamantly and without hesitation…

“He cannot beat Trump in the primary.”

So the chairman of the Nevada Republican Party is already shilling for Trump and trying to suppress challengers.  Yeah, that’s really gonna bring “unity” to the GOP.

Even Trump supporters should see how this is a huge problem.

And the longer McDonald remains chairman, the worse the problem’s gonna get.

OK, to wrap up for now…

In response to my call for McDonald’s resignation, Rob Tyree – who is one of the worst offenders when it comes to disrupting party operations and meetings with silly bylaws changes and resolutions – decided to take a shot at me on Twitter yesterday…

“Chuck isn’t even registered as a Republican – strange that some uninformed people seem to think he’s somehow the party’s flag-bearer, when he’s either playing both sides or too much of a coward to register as a member of the party he’s opining on.”

What a doofus.

The uninformed Tyree didn’t even bother to verify his information before leveling his accusation – kinda like Chairman McDonald claiming he had 120,000 pieces of evidence of voting fraud in 2020 without verifying the information first.

In other words, par for the course.

Sorry, shortcake, but I’m a registered Republican – which you could have easily checked before making yourself look like a bonehead.  See below…

Remember, this is one of McDonald’s right-hand men.

And some still wonder why things are so screwed up at Team GOP in Nevada?  Sad.

And the Award Goes To…

After going through nominations from Inner Circle members (thanks!), we’ve pretty much finalized the list of recipients for this year’s “Conservative Champion Awards” who will be honored at our “Pastapalooza” dinner on January 4th.

The awards will include:

  • Conservative of the Year Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Courage Under Fire Award
  • Conservative Legislator Award
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Breitbart Award
  • Reagan Legacy Award

Let’s get the ball rolling with these two…

First, the Reagan Legacy Award recipient has already been announced.  He’s the “Godfather of the Conservative Movement,” Richard Viguerie, who will be delivering the keynote address.

If you’re a conservative, you do NOT want to miss it.  More on Mr. Viguerie later.

Secondly – and swiping an idea from our friend Jon Caldara at the Independence Institute in Colorado – we’ve added a new category this year: “Californian of the Year.”

To paraphrase Jon, “this coveted recognition goes to the Nevadan who best exemplifies the effort to change our once liberty-loving Nevada into the command-and-control state of California.”

This one was a no-brainer…

Soon-to-be FORMER Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak!

My guess is he won’t be there to accept the award in person.  Nevertheless…congratulations, Steve!

I’ll be making more announcements in the next few days.

For Pastapalooza tickets, click here.

If you’re an Inner Circle member, you get $50 off each ticket (limit 2).  Just log into your personal “Inner Circle” membership portal by clicking here.  Then click on the “Events” tab on the menu bar.  And then click on the “Pastapalooza – January 2023” link.

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“Check out precinct numbers from south Atlanta.  At best (Herschel) Walker got 3% of the Black vote.  He lost one precinct 579-3.  So much for winning black votes with a black Republican.  This was the premise behind the candidacy.” – GOP strategist Rick Shaftan

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