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In Carson City, the Democrats’ Circus is Back in Town

The Nevada Legislature is “Open Under New Management.”  Democrats are back in control.

Lord, help us.

In watching all the fawning hosannas for the D’s “Black-&-Blueprint” agenda – so nicknamed for the beating taxpayers, citizens and businesses are taking under it – I can’t help but compare it to parents of two-year-olds singing their offspring’s praises for “pooping in the potty!  Yeah!!!”

Let’s start with The Zombie Bill (SJR2).

The Nevada Legislature shot down and killed the Equal Rights Amendment in 1973.  Did so again in 1975.  And again in 1977.  Nevada voters weighed in and killed it again in 1978.  Before American voters finally buried it in 1982 – where it’s remained in an unmarked political grave for 35 years.

Yet despite having “just” 120 days to complete their business, Democrats dug up this fetid, decomposed legislative corpse and passed it.  For absolutely no reason whatsoever other than…they could.

Then there’s The Seinfeld Bill (AJR2) – so nicknamed in honor of the infamous “Seinfeld” episode that was about absolutely nothing.

The United States Supreme Court – and in case you’re wondering, Nevada is one of the states covered by the United States Supreme Court – has ruled that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.  Even Nevada.

Nevertheless, Democrats have introduced legislation declaring that Nevada “shall recognize marriage and issue marriage licenses to couples regardless of gender.”  We need 120 days for THIS?

The Democrats’ “War on Small Business” is also breathtaking.  Doubling the minimum wage.  Forcing businesses to pay workers for taking time off.  Requiring businesses to install “poopy diaper” changing tables in their restrooms.  Oy, vey.

There’s also an anti-telemedicine “crony” bill being pushed by eye doctors to ban you from taking reliable, less expensive eye tests online.  (Oops, that’s a GOP-sponsored bill.  Good grief.)

There’s a bill to prohibit the use of student test scores to evaluate the effectiveness of public school teachers.  A bill to force Nevadans to purchase more “green” energy even though it will cost you more.  And a bill to allow convicted felons – such as murderers and rapists – to not only vote (for the Democrat of their choice!) after release from prison, but serve on juries, as well.

Oh, Democrats also want to force you to register to vote, while prohibiting you from voting for State Treasurer and State Controller.  Which is kinda like forcing you to buy a gun but prohibiting you from buying bullets.  Derp.

And what legislative session under Democrat control would be complete without a massive tax hike, right?  And, oh boy, is this one a doozy!

AB43 would put a permanent property tax hike on auto-pilot.  That’s right.  Your property taxes would automatically go up 3% every year without legislators even having to vote for it.  In perpetuity.  ‘Til death do you part.

Wake me up when this circus leaves town.


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