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In a Hole and Still Digging

A new legislative analysis says Nevada is more than $2 billion short of the revenue it needs to pay for the size and scope of the government we already have. But that’s not stopping some legislators from digging us in even deeper.

As I’m writing this, the Assembly Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to discuss legislative proposals to establish a recovery fund for persons defrauded by mortgage brokers (AB 141), fund a public health nurse in Elko (AB 357), fund rural transit operations for the elderly (AB 358), and fund a veterans home in northern Nevada (AB 373).

Now, these may be worthy projects – but don’t these legislators realize we’re in the middle of a recession and budget crunch? Where in the world do they think the money is going to come from? Do they plan to cut something else to fund their new spending? Or do they plan to raise taxes on somebody? And if so, who? Inquiring minds wanna know.


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