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Illegal Alien Words and Actions Killing Their Own Cause


When it comes to illegal aliens, I’ve not been in the camp of “deport ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.”  But the way some of these trespassers have been acting lately is causing me to have second thoughts.

Democrats on Capitol Hill recently staged a dog-and-pony show featuring insulting, in-your-face, illegal aliens who object to President Donald Trump’s immigration reform policies, especially as it applies to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.  The so-called “dreamers.”

“The president does not care about our children and our families,” accused Lenka Mendoza, as reported by Breitbart News.  “Trump and his government supposed priorities are nothing else but an anti-immigrant and white-supremacist agenda that don’t solve anything.”

“White-supremacist agenda”?  Somebody needs to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  And it’s not “anti-immigrant.”  It’s anti-ILLEGAL immigrant.  At least be intellectually honest in debating this issue if you want to be taken seriously.

Now here’s the kicker: As Breitbart reports, Mendoza is “an unskilled illegal alien who has been living in the United States for 17 years.”  And yet her smear of Republicans who oppose illegal immigration was delivered by…wait for it…a TRANSLATOR.

Over 17 years Ms. Mendoza hasn’t even taken the time to bother learning English.  Lovely.

A second illegal alien, Ingrid Vaca, then took to the microphone and declared, “DACA was taken away by Trump and his racist advisors, Jeff Sessions and Steven Miller … We will not let racist men negotiate with our kids’ lives. … We will not allow our families to be broken up … A mother’s love is stronger than the racists from the White House.”

These incendiary accusations are absolutely outrageous.  Just because someone supports enforcement of our nation’s existing immigration laws doesn’t make them a racist.  Knock it off.

A third illegal alien, Luis Condorimay, piled on…

“There are politicians in power right now who want to deport my father and my mother, who want to separate me from my little sister. … They say they have heart for us, they say they understand our pain, but all they really want to do is hurt our families and continue to separate us as they have done for the past many years.”

The gigantic flaw in both Vaca’s and Condorimay’s belly-aching is that there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever that any illegal alien family needs to be broken up or separated.  Prospective deportees are more than welcome to take their families with them when they return to their home country.  Problem solved.

For her part, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi chimed in that the Trump administration’s immigration reform proposals were “trash” and “brutal” as her home state of California moved to become a “sanctuary state.”

None of this is helpful to actually fixing this problem.  And as the illegal alien crowd becomes ever more militant and obnoxious, the odds of Nevadans approving an expected ballot measure to ban sanctuary cities and ditch DACA become more and more likely even among those who are otherwise empathetic to the plight of “dreamers.”

Cool it with the vinegar and try a little honey.


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