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If You Want “No Labels,” Remove Your Labels

I am becoming increasing agitated by Republicans who seem to delight in poking their base of supporters in the eyes. Indeed, our own Sen. Dean Heller is now a leading voice of a new movement called “No Labels.”

If certain Republicans want to bask in media adulation for rejecting their GOP party affiliation, then they should run as an independent – no party label. Put their name on the ballot without that “R” next to their name and see how that works out.

Generally speaking, it’s not “no label” voters stuffing envelopes, making phone calls and walking door-to-door on behalf of Republican candidates. It’s Republicans. To keep shoving this “no labels” crap in their faces is insulting.

If you’re truly embarrassed to be a Republican, then don’t run as one. Strip that party label “R” from after your name and at least be honest about it. Otherwise, stop apologizing for being a Republican and start acting like a Republican.


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