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If You Want a Good Screwing, Call the Guys with the Long Hoses

Joe Schoenmann of the Las Vegas Sun reports today that Eddie Beaman – father of Clark County firefighter union boss “Lyin’” Ryan Beaman – chalked up 355 hours of sick leave in 2006, 275 hours of sick leave in 2007, 205 hours of sick time in 2008 and 427 hours of sick leave in 2009.

Nevertheless, Eddie the Elder declared, with a straight face, to the Clark County Commission this week that he had not “overused” his sick leave benefits.

Schoenmann also notes that sick leave isn’t the only time unionista firefighters such as Eddie the Elder get off. For some outrageous reason, the taxpayers of Clark County also pay firefighters for time off for “union duties.”


Indeed, when you tally up all the time Eddie the Elder took off in 2009…including vacation time…this poor, ol’ public servant racked up a staggering 1,047 hours of paid time off, including 212 hours worth of “union duties”! That’s more than a THIRD of the total time he worked…which, by the way, is only two days a week.

And yet, despite all of this time off, Eddie the Elder still managed to rack up an additional $60,000+ every year from 2006-2009 in OVERTIME pay.

How does somebody taking off a third of his “work” time get ANY overtime pay whatsoever? Good, gawd. Customers at those brothels Harry Reid wants to close don’t get screwed as badly as Clark County taxpayers are getting screwed by the likes of Eddie and Ryan Beaman! Why aren’t heads flying over this?


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