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If Whining Was an Olympic Sport

I swear, if whining was an Olympic sport, some of Nevada’s government employees would be gold medal finalists. Get a load of this email message sent to state legislators yesterday by Susan Summers, a non-essential taxpayer-paid “budget technician” (a what?) at UNLV:

“Hi All. Just wanting to plead with you to vote NO on any additional Furlough days for state employees should the opportunity arise. I have given the state almost $3,000 of my hard earned salary this year which has caused me great financial concern. I can no longer save which means I can no longer count on an “emergency fund.” IF my car breaks down, or any of my household appliances malfunction, I will be out of luck. I have already given up health care due to the increased deductible and increased cost of my prescriptions.

“If the state adds another Furlough day to its employees, I will also have to give up my home. It seems to me that deliberately causing someone to be on the street is the way to work against a balanced budget. What good can I do if I am destitute. I’m sorry, but this time, please take the necessary funding from the top executives and from some of the basic welfare programs we have going in Nevada. You may also consider letting mining pay their fare share!”

Witches in Salem did less whining on the stake.

What is with these people? Thousands upon thousands of Nevadans have NO JOB whatsoever. And this little whiner is bitching about the possibility that her toaster might break?

Hey, Susie, if things are so bad working for the government why not quit your lousy taxpayer-funded job? I’m SURE there’s tremendous demand for “budget technicians” in the private sector. Otherwise, be grateful you’re still employed, shut up and have a Merry Christmas.


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