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If John Ensign REALLY Wanted to Become Better

Scandal-ridden Sen. John Ensign again blew off calls for his resignation yesterday, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he has “learned a great deal from this and I am trying to become a better person, a better husband, a better father, a better friend and a better senator.”

Ensign later added, “I am trying to be helpful to my party and I am trying to do the job the people of Nevada elected me to do.”

Really want to become a better person, John? Stop thinking about yourself and resign. Want to be a better father? Resign. Want to be a better friend? Resign. Want to be a better senator? Too late. Resign. Want to help the Republican Party? Resign.

The people of Nevada elected Ensign BEFORE they found out he boinked his best friend’s wife and employee, BEFORE they found out his mumsy and papa tried to pay off his mistress and their family in a cover-up effort, and BEFORE the found out Ensign likely broke ethics rules and/or federal laws in trying to line up lobbying work for his mistress’s husband to keep the affair secret.

If the people of Nevada knew then what they know now, everyone knows the people of Nevada wouldn’t elect him to represent them in Washington. And the bottom line is, there are PLENTY of other Nevadans who could now do the job Nevadans elected Ensign to do in 2006 – and do it a LOT better.



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