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If It Walks Like a Socialist and Talks Like a Socialist…

FOX News yakker Bill O’Reilly says Barack Obama isn’t a socialist. He notes in a recent op/ed that the American Heritage Dictionary defines socialism as a social organization in which the means of distributing and producing goods is owned collectively. “As long as he isn’t nationalizing industry or purloining private property,” O’Reilly wrote, “I don’t think the socialist label is accurate.”

O’Reilly, of course, is dead wrong.

Just because Obama hasn’t SUCCEEDED (yet) in nationalizing industry or purloining private property, doesn’t mean he doesn’t harbor those desires. Just look at what he’s attempted to do to the U.S. auto, banking and health care industries. I mean, by O’Reilly’s standard, Ron Paul isn’t a conservative/libertarian because he hasn’t yet succeeded in shrinking government.

Look, if President Obama had his way, the government would control the means of distributing and producing health care in America (as well as cars and banking). And he would purloin money from each and every one of us to pay for it by mandating that every American buy health insurance.

He’s a socialist


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