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IAP Leader: “Republicans Betray Us Again”

“Eleven months before the Nevada legislature is to begin,” writes Janine Hansen of the Independent American Party in Nevada today, “the Senate and Assembly Republican leadership has already compromised and cut a deal, agreeing to extend the so-called ‘temporary’ taxes. If they had any guts and knew how to negotiate they would have at least waited to cave in until the Legislature begins.

“To my many Republican friends who I dearly love, I say, when will you ever learn that you cannot expect the Republicans legislators, except for the rare few (never enough to stop it), to stand up and oppose tax increases!

“It’s always the choice of the ‘lesser of two evils.’ ‘We had to extend the taxes because the Democrats are going to raise them more than we would.’ ‘Let’s go over the cliff at 50 miles an hour instead of at 100 miles an hour.’

“To those who say we should work within the Republican Party to change it I say, you have failed during my entire lifetime to ever accomplish your goal. The betrayal by Republican office holders is a permanent condition. This is why I am an Independent American.”


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