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“A Garrett Junior High School (Boulder City, NV) teacher and youth soccer coach was arrested Thursday on felony charges of possession of child pornography,” reports the Las Vegas Sun this morning. “Based on an anonymous tip, police picked up Charles Richard ‘Rick’ Rogers as he was about to leave school. . . . He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $192,000 bail on 64 counts of possession of child pornography.”

I wonder if Garrett Junior High is a public school? I wonder if Rogers is a member of the teachers’ union? I wonder how long it’ll take to fire the guy? I wonder if the teachers’ union will defend him? I wonder if Rogers was active in getting that room tax increase passed to pay him more money? And I wonder why, oh why, parents in Nevada can’t have school vouchers so they can send their kids to private schools where the teachers don’t watch kiddie porn between classes?


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