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I Have a “Political Lent” Announcement to Make…

(Chuck Muth) – I may be a former altar boy, but I don’t know exactly when Lent begins next year.  But for me, “political Lent” starts today.

Lent is when the faithful commit to giving up something for a specific period of time leading up to Easter – which, as we all know, is that glorious holiday when Joe Biden gets to hide his own Easter eggs.

As a kid, I suffered the extreme sacrifice of giving up some really tough things during Lent – such as Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, and liver. So my place in heaven is already secured.

What am I going to give up now for “political Lent”?

The Nevada Republican Party.

From here on out I’m going to try to just…IGNORE them.

As some readers have pointed out, the party’s stupid decision to hold a “caucus” two days after the official state-run primary is now a done deal.  The cards have been dealt.  And it appears there’s no longer any way to avoid the coming PR disaster.

That’s just the reality. And we have bigger fish to fry.

If we want to elect more Republicans next year, we’re going to have to pretty much ignore the party and just get sh*t done – like what we’re doing with our Pigpen Project to clean up the voter rolls (see below).

Look, nothing at the Nevada GOP is going to change until the current leaders are replaced.

But since the majority of members of the current Central Committee have no stomach for firing the GOP coaches who have given us four straight losing election cycles, I’m just going to…ignore them.

And that includes “The Mouth That Bores,” Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah.

Yes, she is a deranged lunatic who would be out of her political depth in a parking lot puddle.  But the party’s Central Committee members elected her and there’s nothing you and I can do about it (at least until she comes up for re-election next May).

So I’m just going to ignore her, as well.

And truthfully, Siggy just makes it too easy. There’s really no sport in it.  Exposing her daily absurdities and insanities is like, as my friend George Harris would say, shooting fish-sticks in a freezer.

Like today when she posted a mindless party tweet defending the Chaos Caucus which misspelled “transparency” as “transperncy.”

See what I mean?  Too easy.

But before going on my “fast” – which will extend until February 9, the day after the “Chaos Caucus” – I do need to clear up some serious misinformation one of the party’s minions spouted off a couple days ago…

I was a guest on Jerry Evans’ radio talk-show in Reno on Wednesday.  And we discussed the “Chaos Caucus” at length.

During the conversation, Washoe County Republican Party Chairman Bruce Parks phoned in and asked if he could respond to “misinformation” I had supposedly spread.

It didn’t go well for him.

First, he insulted every Republican who might be out of town, away at college, in a hospital or nursing home, stuck at work, at a PTA meeting, or otherwise has something else better to do than attend the rigged Chaos Caucus on Thursday, February 8th at 5:00 pm.

Parks said any Republican who doesn’t show up at 5:00 pm on that Thursday evening is simply not “committed enough” to have a say in the nominating process.

Ah, how to win friends and influence people.

He then went a step further, stating that state law requires employers to give employees time off to vote in the caucus.


After the interview, I shot the Secretary of State’s office an email asking if NRS 293.463 – which requires employers to give employees time off to vote under certain circumstances – applies to the Chaos Caucus.

And while the SOS office was clear that it was not giving legal advice, its response was…

“Our understanding is that this statute relates specifically to the conduct of elections conducted pursuant to Title 24 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and does not apply to the conduct of alternative electoral processes (e.g., A party caucus, etc.).”

So Chairman Parks – who’s on the Nevada GOP’s Executive Committee and *should* know what he’s talking about (but doesn’t) – went on the air and told all of Mr. Evans’ listeners something that simply isn’t true.

If you were listening to Mr. Parks during the interview or have been told by anyone with the Nevada GOP that your employer MUST give you time off to attend the Chaos Caucus…


It could cost you your job.

And with that, I’m officially starting my “political Lent” period.  It’ll be excruciatingly tough to ignore the party’s incompetence and stupidity, but I’m gonna give it my best shot.

And encourage you to do the same thing.

Just ignore them.  You know what needs to be done to elect more Republicans next year.  So just do it.

Don’t wait for orders from party bosses.  Take the ball yourself and run with it.  Or get involved with other outside groups that are doing what the party should be doing but isn’t…

  • Find a group that’s going to seriously deploy a ballot-harvesting program.
  • Find a group that’s seriously going to try to get Republicans who didn’t vote last year out to vote.
  • Find a group that’s seriously going to try to get Republicans to vote early and “bank” their vote.
  • Find a group that’s seriously going to fight the “ranked choice” initiative on the ballot next year.
  • Find a group that’s seriously doing grassroots precinct work.
  • Find a serious and promising candidate to volunteer for.

Or get involved with our Pigpen Project (see below).

Just ignore the party and its “leaders.”

I’m gonna try. Wish me luck. And PLEASE, don’t tempt me.  When it comes to being quiet about the incompetence of the Nevada Republican Party, I’m a weak man and repeat sinner.


Pigpen Project

We have recently added a new feature to our Pigpen Project website: The Non-Resident Voter Report.

It allows you to let us know when someone has moved out of Clark County to another state.  When someone moves, but stays “active” on the voter rolls, a mail-in ballot will automatically be sent to their old address.

You can help us prevent that from happening in 2024.

Once you submit the form here, we will check the registration status of that individual(s) and, if still “active”, follow-up with you to obtain a signature from the current resident confirming that the person moved.

We ask that you return the signed form to us so we can ensure that the voter’s status is changed to “inactive.”

For more information on the Pigpen Project, or to sign up for updates, click here.


“Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.”Freddy “The Beadle” Barnes

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