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I Don’t Know Nuthin’ ’bout Birthin’ no Presidents

There’s no way on God’s green earth that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is going to toss Barack Obama, the first black man ever elected to the nation’s highest office, out of the White House even if it could be proven without doubt that he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

In addition, I believe the constant focus on B.O.’s birthplace by some on the right only helps the opposition paint conservatives as cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, so I wish my side would just drop it. There are PLENTY of other things to go after our anti-business, socialist president.

That said, the so-called “birthers” do raise a legitimate question, as citizenship is a constitutional requirement for the office.

And as an AP story on the issue this week notes, while Hawaii’s health director claims to have “seen and verified Obama’s original vital records” and “notices in two Honolulu newspapers were published within days of Obama’s birth,” the certificate of live birth issued by the health director in 2008 “doesn’t list the name of the hospital where he was born or the physician who delivered him, information collected by the state as part of its vital records.”

Now, if I was a conspiratorial kind of person, I might suspect that the information is intentionally being withheld just to keep the controversy alive in order to be able to continue to characterize conservatives as nutjobs during Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?


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