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Hyperbole U’s Boob Bait

Erik Herzik is a boob.

He’s a “political science” professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, who, according to a Las Vegas Review-Journal story today, “contends (Gov. Brian) Sandoval has no public mandate to cut education spending and pass the buck of providing services down to the counties.”

Um, other than that overwhelming mandate the voters gave him last November in the form of that huge victory in the gubernatorial race.

Herzik, yet another taxpayer-funded public employee, went on to grumble, “When the people of Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson ask, ‘Why are mental patients roaming my street?’ I would tell them to call the governor.”

Dishonest. Disingenuous. Pure hyperbole. Grade A, USDA bull.

As the RJ reporter points out, Herzik “was referring to Sandoval’s plan to save $6 million by shifting the cost of mental health courts to the counties.” In other words, Sandoval’s not cutting any programs that would result in “mental patients roaming the streets.” He’s simply shifting responsibility for running the mental health courts to the local level where they belong. And if local governments can afford to pay firefighters $200,000+ a year to work two days a week, don’t even try to tell me that if the locals think the mental health courts are a priority that they can’t find the money to pay for them.

Did I mention that Eric Herzik is a boob?


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