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Hutch: Runnin’ scared, not ready for prime time

Republican lieutenant governor candidate and state senator Mark Hutchison’s campaign isn’t going too well…other than the dough Gov. Brian Sandoval is raising for him (which is nothing to sneeze at!).  But in a GOP primary, his decidedly moderate voting record in the last legislative session is coming back to haunt him and giving his campaign fits!

First, Hutch’s whole reason for being a state senator today centers around his boast of filing a lawsuit to block ObamaCare in 2010.  However…

1.)  It’s unclear if he actually did much actual work on the lawsuit…or just added his name to the work already done by attorney generals from other states.

2.)  He lost.

3.)  After getting elected to the Nevada Legislature, Hutch voted not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to implement ObamaCare here in Nevada!

And then there’s his record on taxes.

First, he voted in 2013 to again raise/extend the $600 million-plus worth of “temporary” tax hikes that were originally passed in 2009 and were supposed to expire/”sunset” in 2011.

Secondly, he proposed a new tax on Nevada’s critical mining industry to the tune of another $600 million-plus.

Thirdly, he voted for additional 50 or so other “minor” tax and fee increases in the 2013 session.

Not exactly a friend of the taxpayer!

Which brings us to his recent televised debate with his conservative GOP opponent, Sue Lowden.

During the debate, Hutch was challenged over and over again on his voting record…and, man, did he ever blow his stack!  It was all the red-faced senator could do to keep his head from exploding right there on the air.

It was so bad that Hutch is now refusing to do any further televised debates with Lowden.  Apparently his entire schedule between now and June 4 is completely booked…and well, he just can’t fit in another head-to-head.

Yeah, right.

The problem is – as we’ve sadly come to learn – Sen. Hutch is simply no longer his own man.  His campaign “brain”-trust, led by political apparatchik Mike Slanker, is calling all his shots.  And you can bet after that first debate performance, they ain’t letting their candidate anywhere near another televised debate.

Which begs the question…

If the man isn’t ready for prime time as a lieutenant governor candidate, what makes him ready to be lieutenant governor?

Or, should the circumstance present itself sometime down the road, governor?


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