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Hutch Blows Fuse over Lowden’s Non-Attack Attack

Conservative lieutenant governor candidate Sue Lowden recently exposed her GOP opponent’s hypocrisy in filing a lawsuit to block ObamaCare as a private citizen but then voting three times to implement it once elected to the Legislature.

That apparently got Sen. Mark Hutchison’s dander up, as he lashed out at Lowden in an interview with the Mesquite Citizen Journal that was published today…

In response, Hutchison said “It is ludicrous for my opponent to suggest that I support Obamacare. After two Republican governors appointed me to represent Nevada because our Democrat Attorney General refused to do so, I fought all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court this ill-conceived law without taking a dime from taxpayers.

“The first two bills my opponent refers to were unanimously voted on by all Republican Senators, and the third bill was the governor’s budget supported by the majority of the Republican Senators. All three bills were signed into law by the Governor.

“I might ask my opponent, other than attacking me, the Republican Senators, and Governor Sandoval, what has she done to fight against Obamacare? The answer is nothing.

“When Nevadans needed someone to champion their constitutional rights, I stepped up. I represented the state pro bono because I felt so strongly about stopping this intrusive and dangerous federal law. My opponent’s shallow, Washington-style attack on me, my senate colleagues, and the Governor is a sad way to start a campaign.”

Sounds like somebody’s awful defensive.  Lowden must have really struck a nerve.

Four points:

1.)  Lowden didn’t say Hutchison supports ObamaCare.  She simply pointed out the hypocrisy of voting to implement the law he sued to block.

2.)  What did Lowden do to fight ObamaCare?  She spent $2 million of her own money in an effort to oust Sen. Harry Reid, the architect of ObamaCare, that’s what.  And I’m guessing that far exceeded the value of Hutch’s pro bono work.

3.)  As for most of his Republican colleagues also voting to implement ObamaCare, recall what our mothers drilled into us as kids:  “Just because everybody else jumps off a bridge doesn’t mean you should?”

4.)  Lowden didn’t attack Hutchison.  She attacked his voting record.  That’s fair game.  As the saying goes, “It’s not negative to tell the truth about your opponent.”

Here’s another inconvenient truth: It appears Sen. Hutchison doesn’t take criticism very well.


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