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How to Get Rid of Gadflies

So there’s this yahoo tax attorney in Boulder City name Stephen Stubbs who appears to have a type of “Basic Instinct” obsession with City Councilwoman Linda Strickland and maintains a website maintaining that she’s is “unethical” for successfully defending some of her constituents who were wrongly sued by the city for exercising their First Amendment right to petition their government.

And apparently, some of this guy’s neighbors have had enough of his crappola. An open letter that has been shared with me was mailed to a number of LDS citizens in Boulder City urging those with possible influence to step in and get this clown to back off. An excerpt:

“Please put an end to Stubb’s behavior that is embarrassing, more than a few very respected people of the church and our community. In case you didn’t know, Stubbs has a website calling other people unethical, while Stephen was caught with canceled business licenses for his firm. I was also told by a reliable source that he was pretending to be another person (supposedly an employee of Stephen’s, ) on a website, saying his business license fiasco was not Stephen’s fault. His bankruptcy has also been made public for all to see, since it is public information. And as we all know, it is election season, and he has several campaign signs prominently displayed at his house on Utah. Please, find Stephen another hobby, this one is not working out well for anybody around here.”

The problem with gadflies like Stubbs is that they never go away on their own. It takes a very powerful insecticide called “sunlight.” Exposing this guy’s antics and motivations is the best way to marginalize him and, hopefully, get him to crawl back under his rock.

BTW, I found myself watching a video of last August 10th’s Boulder City city council meeting in which the city attorney explains that he decided to solicit the opinion of another attorney as to whether or not the petitions put forward by citizens of Boulder City were legal. The man who said no is the same guy to set up 91 fake PACs in order to funnel money to his gubernatorial campaign.

Boulder City might want to consider getting better advice in the future.


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