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How to Get Out of Sensitivity Class

If this nation can’t get past its racist past, blame the race-hustlers, not whitey.

Probably the most unfortunate aspect of the Harry Reid “Negro dialect” brouhaha is the number of people who are going on record defending Reid by saying that what he said was true – that white America wouldn’t have voted for a dark-skinned African-American.

“On NBC’s ‘Today’ show Monday,” reports CBS News2’s blog, “Matt Lauer asked PBS’ Gwen Ifill this question: ‘Isn’t Harry Reid implying that a dark-skinned African American who speaks in a way that some would consider more stereotypical would not be electable?’ Ifill’s response? Well, yes. Because it’s true. ‘There is actual political science that backs that up,’ said Ifill, who is black.”

Poor whitey can’t catch a break. It’s bad enough we never know what the current politically-correct term is we’re supposed to use when talking about folks with darker skin pigmentation, but now we find out it’s not enough to simply elect a black man president; we need to elect a BLACK man president. Otherwise, we’re still all a bunch of racists.

Some people are never satisfied. That said, I hope Harry Reid doesn’t resign.

One, I’d rather beat him at the polls next November. That would be extra sweet with sugar on top.

Two, he’s now a get-out-of-sensitivity-class-free card. The next time a conservative or Republican (not necessarily the same thing) says something “inappropriate” of a racial nature, all they have to do is apologize and go on with their political lives. No harm, no foul.

Thanks, Harry!


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