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How My Sit-Down Interview with Steve Sisolak Might Go…

(Chuck Muth) – After perusing Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s Twitter feed over the past few days, I imagined in my sleep last night how an interview with him would go.

The questions below are questions I might ask and Nevadans might be interested in.

The responses were culled from Sisolak’s recent flurry of posts on Twitter, though not specifically in response to my imaginary questions.  But I think you’ll see where I’m going with this…

Muth’s Truths: Governor, thank you for sitting down with us.  To start, many Nevadans remain angry at how badly their unemployment claims were handled after you shut down the state in 2020 due to COVID.  Why should they vote for you?

Sisolak: “Because I will do everything in my power to protect and defend safe, legal abortions in Nevada.”

Muth’s Truths: OK, well, um…that doesn’t really answer our question about your DETR debacle, but moving on.  Voters are also complaining about poor service at the DMV.  How do you respond?

Sisolak: “Joe Lombardo admits to supporting barriers to restrict abortion.”

Muth’s Truths: That wasn’t our question either.  Let’s try another.  Nevada’s schools were ranked 49th in the nation when you took office.  Four years later, we’re still 49th.  What do you have to say to parents whose kids are getting a sub-par education?

Sisolak: “As long as I’m governor, Nevada will always be a pro-choice state. Period.”

Muth’s Truths: Oy, vey.  How about this one: A convicted pipe-bomb murderer, also an illegal alien, recently escaped from prison on your watch and your administration didn’t alert the public to the danger for four days.  Why should Nevadans trust you’ll keep them safe?

Sisolak: “Because I support unequivocally a woman’s right to choose.”

Muth’s Truths: But you don’t support a woman’s right to choose the school where her kids go or her right to choose not to get the COVID vaccine.  Isn’t that hypocritical?

Sisolak: “Unlike Joe Lombardo, I won’t keep Nevadans in the dark about where I stand on abortion.”

Muth’s Truths: Obviously.  Now let’s talk about the homeless situation?  You’ve boasted about all the tax money you’ve spent addressing this situation, but it only seems to have gotten worse during your four years as governor.  Why has all this money been so ineffective in battling this problem?

Sisolak: “Because Joe Lombardo said he supported a strict 13-week abortion ban before changing his mind.”

Muth’s Truths: Got it. Next issue.  A recent report exposed serious delays in processing workers compensation claims under your administration.  Shouldn’t helping those injured workers who are suffering be a top priority?

Sisolak: “Joe Lombardo’s attempt to rewrite history on abortion is front and center.”

Muth’s Truths: OK, well, also front and center is a federal investigation into a COVID testing lab with a 90%-plus failure rate that has ties to some of your financial donors.  How do you explain that?

Sisolak: “In Nevada, we’re protecting a woman’s right to choose – but we can’t take our existing protections for granted.”

Muth’s Truths:  Ugh.  One last question.  Legitimate concerns have been raised about the potential for voting fraud.  Shouldn’t you, as governor, support photo ID to protect the integrity of our elections?

Sisolak: “Governors are the last line of defense when it comes to protecting abortion rights in Nevada.”

Muth’s Truths:  Well, you certainly know how to stay on the script your handlers have handed you. Any closing comments?

Sisolak: Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. That’s all I’ve got.

Muth’s Truths: No kidding!


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