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Horsford: Tax Hike or Bust!

This Steven Horsford character is a real piece of work.

The Nevada Senate Majority Leader insists on raising taxes this session of the Legislature. Gov. Brian Sandoval insists on NOT raising taxes this legislative session. Sandoval campaigned on not raising taxes and was elected on that campaign promise. Horsford did NOT campaign on a promise to raise taxes $1.2 billion and was NOT elected to raise taxes $1.2 billion.

Now here’s the part that gets me: Horsford is demanding that Sandoval break his campaign promise and characterizes the governor as unwilling to compromise while simultaneously claiming he, Horsford, is open to compromise….as long as taxes are raised.

Excuse me? How is that compromising?

“It’s not my way or the highway,” Horsford says while refusing to entertain a budget without some level of tax hikes. In other words, it IS his way or the highway. Talk about talking with a forked tongue.

In addition, in further criticizing Gov. Sandoval, Horsford said it’s “time to do the job we were elected to do, not just run off of last cycle’s campaign promise.”

Now, how cynical is that? The idea Horsford is embracing here is to either (a) make no campaign promises when you’re running for office, or (b) break them once you get in office if the party you lost to doesn’t like them.

It hasn’t completely sank in yet, but the time is coming when everyone, especially Horsford’s liberal base, will realize that Horsford and Democrat Assembly Speaker John Oceguera have completely botched this legislative session – which for Johnny O is REALLY embarrassing, since in his case dealing with Assembly Republicans is akin to the New York Yankees playing the Bad News Bears.

As the governor says, there is no need for a tax increase….and the Democrats are not going to get one. Period. The sooner they get that through their thick skulls, the sooner the Legislature can wrap up the people’s business and go home before they do any further damage.


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