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Horsford has Spoken; the Opposition Responds

In his predictable and thoroughly uninspiring remarks today opening the 2011 Legislature, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford had this to say:

“And so, to the Governor and those who have supported his position of no new revenue, I ask this one fundamental question: Will you work with us to build a more balanced budget for our children, one that protects their futures and the future of our state? If we are to build a bright future for the people of this state, Nevada cannot sustain two billion dollars in cuts.”

First, as one who supports the governor’s position, Gov. Sandoval has never said “no new revenue.” He has said he wouldn’t raise taxes or fees. Either the SML was being intentionally disingenuous here or he doesn’t understand the difference.

Secondly, yes, we’re more than happy to discuss alternatives to balancing the budget as long as it doesn’t include raising taxes or fees. This suggestion by LRVJ columnist Steve Sebelius bears consideration.

Thirdly, who gets to decide what protects our children’s future and the future of the state? I suspect my idea of protecting their future is gonna be dramatically different from the government employees’ union.

Fourth, yes, Nevada certainly CAN sustain two billion dollars in cuts; more even….but that’s not what the governor has proposed. He’s proposed reducing Nevada’s general fund budget from $6.2 billion to $5.8 billion. Even using public school math, that doesn’t equal $2 billion.

And lastly, a fundamental question for Sen. Horsford and others who don’t support Gov. Sandoval’s position that the budget needs to be balanced without raising taxes or fees: Which taxes or which fees do you propose we raise, on whom and how badly?

Yeah, we’re off to a great start on Day One, ain’t we?!!


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