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Horne of Cluelessness on CCW

If you want to know why our government, especially at the legislative level, is so screwed up, one need only look at who is in charge. For example, the Chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, William Horne, apparently is clueless when it comes to permits to carry concealed weapons (CCW).

Churchill County GOP Chairman James Smack emailed Horne a few days ago voicing opposition to Democrat Speaker John Oceguera’s plagiarized gun bill which removes a cap on the $25 license fee for background checks. Here’s the response Smack got from Horne:

“The language I support provides for the ‘nonrefundable fee necessary to obtain the reports….’ for the background. If you set a cap at $25, and the cost to get the records is $35, then the gun shop owner is stuck making up the difference. That’s why I opposed the amendment today.”

Um, as Chairman Smack points out, gun shop owners don’t pay the fees for licensing and background checks; the individual gun owner does. Which means you, not the gun shop owner, will be the one who will get hit with any fee increases. Good grief.


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