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Hope for the State Assembly

The affable Assemblyman Pat Hickey of Reno was elected on Friday to serve as the GOP Minority Leader for the upcoming Nevada legislative session.

Unlike Senate MINORITY Leader “Moderate Mike” Roberson – who immediately hugged Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposal to raise the “temporary” taxes again next year – Hickey has reasonably said he wants to wait to see the governor’s budget and how the economy is doing before committing one way or the other on the proposed 2013 Sandoval-Roberson Tax Hike.

Another difference and hopeful sign: The Assembly GOP caucus jettisoned liberal Republican Lynn Stewart as assistant leader and instead chose conservative Cresent Hardy – who voted against the 2011 Sandoval Tax Hike – for the #2 position.

“Moderate” Mike, on the other hand, elevated the state Senate’s two most liberal Republicans to leadership positions in his caucus – Ben Kieckhefer and Joe Hardy. It’s as if my old friend Bill Raggio never left the building.


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