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Hiding Behind Mr. Blackwell

Continuing on with the Tampa GOP convention, where some Nevada delegates who were obligated to vote for Mitt Romney nevertheless voted for Ron Paul, those who went “rogue” are pointing to highly-respected, longtime GOP leader Morton Blackwell who, like the Paul folks, strongly objected to how the rules were changed on the convention floor.

OK, fine. It still doesn’t excuse those delegates who were elected and bound to Romney for not honoring the wishes of those who voted to send them there. That’s the first thing.

But here’s the second thing: Blackwell is still STRONGLY supporting Romney. In fact, here’s what he wrote in a post-convention letter over the rule-change controversy:

“…(I)t’s important to stress how very important I believe it is to elect Mitt Romney and to defeat Barack Obama. My wife and I have supported Republican candidates every year in our 40-year marriage. This year, she and I have contributed at least five times as much money to Romney Victory, Inc. as we have ever given to any other campaign.

“Four years ago I predicted in a posting which still can be seen on the website RedState how bad a president Barack Obama would be. He has been even worse. He is a leftist ideologue who has filled his Administration with other leftist ideologues, and their policies are bankrupting our country and destroying many of our liberties.

“Mitt Romney strongly supports conservative principles. He would undo damage Obama has done. He would end the slide into national bankruptcy, restore threatened liberties, and put our country on the path toward economic growth and more job opportunities.”

Now, it’s one thing to try to use Morton Blackwell to excuse the inexcusable behavior of betraying the trust of those who elected you by breaking the well-known and well-established rules; however, if you’re gonna use Mr. Blackwell in such a manner, then you should at least be consistent and, as Blackwell is doing, support the GOP nominee, right?

Well, Ron Paul delegates? Who are YOU voting for on November 6?


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