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Here’s Your Golden Opportunity to Help “Bag a RINO” in Nevada!

(Chuck Muth) – Richard Viguerie, the “Funding Father” of the conservative movement, wrote an excellent book in 2014 titled, “TAKEOVER: The 100 Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It.”

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 21…

“Why do I keep repeating, ‘It’s the primaries, stupid!’?  Simple, because for more than a hundred years, we conservatives have had our political guns trained on the wrong target.  We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, big-government Democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing according to conservative principles is the progressive, big-government Republicans.”

In Nevada’s State Assembly District 19 GOP primary (June 9, 2020), conservative Mesquite City Councilwoman Annie Black is challenging three-term incumbent Assemblyman Chris Edwards.

(Disclaimer: I’m an adviser to Annie’s campaign)

There’s lots for conservatives not to like about Assemblyman Edwards, but here are the three biggies…

1.)  He regularly sides with the big-government establishment Republicans, in both floor votes and leadership elections

2.)  He’s voted for three successive billion-dollar budget increases

3.)  He’s voted for 26 out of 32 tax hikes – and publicly supported a $400 million tax hike in 2015

Two more of particular interest…

  • He voted in 2019 for a bill (SB94) to give tax dollars to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood (seriously, you can look it up).
  • He was the ONLY assemblyman to vote against the “Beagle Bill” (40-1) in 2015 requiring that dogs and cats used in animal testing be put up for adoption rather than euthanizing (killing) them.

Edwards is so hostile to conservative Republicans that he actually “wore a wire” during the 2015 session in an effort to entrap his conservative colleagues after he falsely accused them of trying to “extort” him in a leadership election.

Thanks to Edwards’ vote, the establishment Republican won the leadership fight, 13-12. The big-government establishment Republicans, who actually had the majority that session for the first time since 1984, went on to pass the largest tax hike in state history.

The Most Conservative Candidate Who Can Win

Mr. Viguerie went on to note in “TAKEOVER” that one of the arguments by the Republican establishment against nominating a conservative candidate in the GOP primary is the perceived difficulty the conservative would have winning the general election.

That’s not a concern in this race!

No Democrat or third-party candidate filed, so whichever candidate wins the primary automatically wins the seat.

There is no general election for this race.

In the final chapter of “TAKEOVER,” Richard outlines the “qualities to look for in a candidate,” including…

A.) Boat rocker.

Annie’s certainly that.  She’s not only organized protest rallies against the governor’s shutdown order, but she kept holding them even after local officials threatened to have her cited.

B.)  Walks with conservatives.

On issues, in short: She’s pro-life, pro-gun, pro-school choice, pro-family and pro-business.  She’s also anti-tax (has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge) and anti-illegal immigration.

Annie ran and won as a conservative for her city council seat in 2018, and is running as a conservative for the state assembly.  She’s not embarrassed by her conservatism.

And she would be more than just a dependable conservative vote.  Annie’s a “movement” conservative.  She DOES things to advance the conservative cause, not just talk about it.

How You Can Help Annie “Bag a RINO”

Annie raised sufficient funds to target “likely” GOP voters in her race.  However, thanks to COVID-19 the Secretary of State changed the primary to an all-mail election.

And in the first week after ballots went out, there was a 30% increase in ballots coming in from Republicans who have never voted in primaries before – “unlikely” voters.

So Annie needs to QUICKLY raise an additional $5,000 so she can immediately add another 2,500 “unlikely” voters to her mailing list.

This is a “perfect storm” race of exactly what Mr. Viguerie wrote about.  Annie’s credible, viable and in a great position to replace a big-government establishment Republican legislator with a conservative one.

She’s a Ferrari in the driveway; she just needs some more gas.

Checks can be mailed to the address below.  But since time is of the essence, if you can donate online through her website, that would be even better.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology

P.S.  If you’re still not convinced that Chris Edwards is a real sleaze, read this…

There’s “Negative” Campaigning…And Then There’s Cesspool Sewage & Threats



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