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Here’s Your Daily Laxalt Laxative

(Chuck Muth) – The overwhelming majority of emails I’ve received from Nevada conservatives on Adam Laxalt’s campaign for U.S. Senate here in Nevada have been negative.

But one Laxalt backer wrote telling me I HAD to get behind Adam right now because he’s the only “viable candidate.”

First, if you don’t think Sam Brown is a “viable candidate,” then you obviously haven’t seen this interview he did this morning on FOX News (click here)…

And there are other candidates in the race already.  And more who may toss their hat in the ring.  After all, filing isn’t until next March and the PRIMARY isn’t until next June.  As the say, an eternity in politics.

But to be clear, I’ve never said I wouldn’t support him in the general election if he does win the GOP primary.  Which is more than I can say for Adam.

As you may recall, I managed the campaign of late Assemblyman Dennis Hof in 2018 – the same year Adam was running for governor.

And the very next morning after Dennis won the primary, conservative talk-show host Kevin Wall asked him: “Do you support Dennis Hof?”

Adam’s response: “I can’t support him in the upcoming general election.”

He later told the Reno Gazette-Journal: “I don’t plan on campaigning with (Hof) or endorsing him and that’s it.”

So Adam refused to support the Republican candidate duly elected by the Republican voters of Assembly District 36, but now we’re all supposed to be obligated to line up behind him more than six months before filing even opens and nine months before the primary?

I don’t think so.

I miss Dennis.  That man could turn a lemon into lemonade quicker than Samantha Stevens could turn Darrin into a frog (ask you grandma).  So here’s a funny story some of you might remember…

After then-Sen. Dean “Never Trump” Heller joined Adam in throwing Dennis under the bus later that morning – also announcing that he wasn’t supporting the Republican nominee elected by the Republican voters of District 36 – Dennis turned the tables on both of them.

He had his graphic designer design a giant billboard that read: “The Winning Team! Laxalt * HOF * Heller.”

“I’m going to be above these guys even though they’re not supporting me,” Hof told reporter Michelle Rindels.  “I’m a good team player.”

So even though Laxalt and Heller turned their backs on Dennis, Dennis made it look like all three were a “team.”  Hilarious.  And brilliant.

And for those just joining us, Dennis – unlike Laxalt and Heller – went on to win the general election in a landslide despite passing away three weeks before Election Day!

To wrap up, the “Laxalt Laxative” emails keep coming in from Nevada conservatives who don’t exactly have a tingle running up their leg over Adam’s U.S. Senate bid.  More samples…

  • “THANK YOU for opening the Laxalt can of ex-lax! I totally agree with what your emailers have written that you have shared with us. … I would go so far as to say that Laxalt almost seems autistic. Wooden, tone-deaf, and weak are my kindest descriptions. … (Y)ou are worth your weight in gold for telling the Muth Truth about Laxalt and sharing all of this with us. Please keep it up. THANK YOU!!!”
  • “I have to agree with those who have expressed serious reservations about Adam Laxalt. He never came out fighting for the conservative platform. He would always say he was for veterans. Who doesn’t agree with that? But never talk about other matters of substance. He’s wishy washy. I wouldn’t vote for him. And don’t get me started on Never Trumper Heller. I would campaign against Heller. They’re both bad for Nevada and not to be trusted.”
  • “I thought a lot of Grenell until now. He should keep his nose out of Nevada politics. I haven’t liked Laxalt, especially since he backs Heller who destroyed us. No to Laxalt and as much as I like Trump, no to him too if he keeps backing Laxalt.”
  • “He (Laxalt) cannot win a statewide, especially this 2022, contest. He has had his chance. … Rick Grinell can go pound sand. … Nevada belongs to the People of Nevada. Laxalt needs to roll up his virus tent and head back to the Beltway, where he really is from and is at home. He should save a seat on the plane for Dean Never-Trump Heller and the rest of the Nevada Establishment elite hypocrites.”
  • “I have to agree. Laxalt really doesn’t stand a chance in Nevada and partnering with Heller would be a guaranteed loss. We need a viable candidate that can win. No offense to the president, but he’s backed the wrong horse in this race.”
  • “Mr. Muth: I’ve been following you for quite some time and I respect your opinion. I read with interest your article about Never Trumper Heller and Laxalt. … I agree with what you’ve said and keep their feet to the fire. If they can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”
  • “Hi Chuck. I also met Mr. Laxalt prior to the last election at one of the Douglas County Republican CC events and was unimpressed. I think he mouthed some of the standard Republican pitch, but he was just not convincing.  I also remember that he disappeared the last two weeks of the campaign.  I just don’t see how he is anyone that is going to carry the party to victory.  I think he’s as bad as most of the other dopes we’ve had lately for our candidates.”

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