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Here’s Who REALLY Cost Trump Nevada in 2020

(Chuck Muth) – I am neither a voting fraud conspiracy theorist nor a voting fraud denier.  What I am is someone who wants to see actual PROOF of voting fraud, not conjecture, theory and “belief.”

Such proof was never provided by those claiming fraud in the 2020 general election in Nevada.

While there were “claims” of 120,000 pieces of “evidence” of voting fraud by the Nevada Republican Party, to this day that evidence has never been presented to the public for review and confirmation.

Because it doesn’t exist.  If it did, they would have released it LONG ago.

Now, some of you are gonna be really p***ed at me for writing that, but it’s the truth.  (The “unsubscribe” link is at the bottom.)

So who’s REALLY responsible for Donald Trump’s loss in Nevada?

Republicans.  Read on…

I was interviewed this morning on a podcast hosted by Gregg Phillips, the lead investigator of the ballot-trafficking movie “2,000 Mules.”  And in prepping for the interview, I did a little research of my own…

According to the official results of the 2020 presidential election in Nevada, Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden by 33,596 votes.  Now get this…

At the time of the general election, there were 602,302 registered Republicans in Nevada.

When the smoke cleared and all was said and done, only 490,271 of those registered Republicans actually cast a ballot.

That means in a race Trump lost by 33,596 votes, 112,031 Republican voters…stayed home!

Trump didn’t lose Nevada because of voting fraud.

He lost because the Trump operatives here in Nevada and the Nevada GOP failed to get out the vote from their own registered base of supporters.

Now, I’m not saying to stop pursuing and investigating voting fraud.  It clearly happens.  And the potential remains FAR greater with the Democrats’ universal mail-in ballot scheme and refusal to implement photo ID requirements.

But stop blaming others – including the Secretary of State – for the GOP’s own failure in 2020.

The party and its operatives should have been investigating and documenting possible voting fraud immediately after the primary rather than waiting until after the general election.  They didn’t.

The party and its operatives should have done a LOT more to make sure its own GOP voters actually showed up and cast a ballot.  They didn’t.

Sadly, I’ve seen no sign that the party has learned any lessons from the 2020 debacle it itself is responsible for.

If you have any “juice” with GOP party leaders, get them to focus on getting out the vote (GOTV) in November rather than continuing to suppress the GOP vote with claims of massive voting fraud they’ve been too lazy or too incompetent to actually document and publicize.

And I’ll close with this…

Don’t blame the GOP’s field staff and volunteers.  They’re only doing as instructed by the party’s leaders.  This failure comes from the top, not the bottom.

That is all.

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