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Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Story You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

(Chuck Muth) – The Republican Party (GOP) bills itself as favoring limited government, low taxation, free markets, and individual liberty.

The Independent American Party (IAP) bills itself as favoring limited government, low taxation, free markets, and individual liberty.

What’s the difference?

Some, only half-jokingly, reply: The IAP means it.

The same can be said for the Libertarian Party (LP).

As such, a significant number of conservative voters vote for an IAP or LP candidate when the GOP alternative is seen as squishy on conservative principles.  I’ve done so myself on a number of occasions.

While neither the IAP nor the LP have enjoyed much electoral success, their candidates can pull enough votes away from the GOP candidate to throw a competitive race into the Democrats’ corner.

And if you don’t believe that, I have a bridge in Baltimore to sell ya.

In fact, the reason Republicans are currently one seat into super-minority status in the Nevada State Assembly is because an LP candidate in Assembly District 35 in 2022 pulled 920 votes (3.66%) in a race the Democrat won by 382 votes.

Other such examples can be found in just about every election cycle.  Which brings me to this year’s race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District in Clark County.

The incumbent is Democrat Rep. Susie Lee.  Seven Republicans filed to run for this seat along with one IAP candidate: Jon Kamerath.

If you’re not familiar with Jon, here’s where he stands per his website…

“Jon stands for limited Constitutional government based on the principles of the Founding Fathers. Jon stands for the middle class who have suffered unduly under the thumb of an uncaring progressive government. Jon stands for the traditional values that made America great!

Yeah, he’s definitely one of us – meaning conservatives, not necessarily Republicans.

And unlike most Republicans, I don’t complain about IAP and LP candidates filing for office.  They’re not a “problem,” they’re a reality. Deal with it.

As such, I keep an open line of communication with their party leaders and encourage GOP candidates to do the same, including reaching out directly to IAP and LP voters.

Now, I’m particularly empathetic to the anger of the IAP folks, who have tried to work cooperatively with Republicans in the past by keeping their candidates out of competitive races only to be stabbed in the back.

The most glaring example was in 2014.

The IAP worked with then-Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson to keep an IAP candidate out of his race only to see Roberson betray them and vote for the largest tax hike in Nevada history during the 2015 legislative session.

With history like that, I sure don’t blame the IAP for not trusting Republicans.  Actually, I agree with them. But back to Mr. Kamerath.

Last week, he was coming under pressure from some Republicans to withdraw his candidacy by yesterday’s deadline.

The request was understandable considering Republicans have only a razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives – and could actually lose their majority BEFORE November’s general election thanks to GOP resignations and special elections.

Plus, Republicans lost this seat last time out in 2022 by just 3.96%.

Anyway, because I’ve had a good working relationship with the IAP and many of their principled activists for many years, Jon called to ask my thoughts on what he should do.

I won’t reveal specifics of our private conversation, but I did confirm that, yes, the CD3 race was potentially pivotal in deciding whether the Democrats or the Republicans have the majority in Congress next year.

And I can tell you that Jon really agonized over this decision.  He didn’t want to let his supporters down. And he sure didn’t want to be part of another GOP betrayal like Roberson’s in 2014.

We exchanged a few more texts over the following days.  And in the end, Jon made the difficult decision to withdraw his candidacy yesterday.

So whoever the GOP nominates in June will have a straight one-on-one contest with Ms. Lee.  If they lose, they won’t have Mr. Kamrath and the IAP to blame.

Jon put Nevada’s interests and America’s interests over his own interests.  And without this column, almost no one would know about his selfless act.

Too bad so many Republican candidates – running for seats in primaries they have no business running for, especially that three-named Californian running against Sen. Carrie Buck in Senate District 5 – don’t follow his example.

In any event, for his selfless act benefitting Nevada conservatives, I’ve decided to honor Jon with this year’s “Unsung Hero Award” at our May 1st “Conservative Awards Dinner” in Las Vegas.

He’s definitely a hero in my book!


“Corporations don’t pay taxes. They COLLECT them, by passing them on to the people who buy their goods and services in the form of ever-higher prices.” – Jameson Campaigne explaining the Bidenflation Tax

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