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Here We Go Again: Race Hustlers Never Sleep

(Chuck Muth) – On Monday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal tweeted…

  • “An organization that works to recruit and retain Black teachers in Southern Nevada has received funding to continue recruiting teachers of color.”

To which I replied:

  • “Sounds racist to me. Shouldn’t we be hiring the best teachers possible for our kids regardless of race?”

Well, that “triggered” millennial black-separatist Jennifer Fawzy, last seen coming in fourth in the Nevada State Senate GOP primary last June for District 8 in Las Vegas with less than 12% of the vote (I dual-recommended her in that race).

JenFaw replied…

  • “Having different cultural perspectives is important. Children who are raised by black parents will receive and relate to their own ethnicity better. I wouldn’t expect a white teacher to know black culture or history.”

That sparked this return volley…

  • “So if we used your same argument but reversed the roles – ‘Children who are raised by white parents will receive and relate to their own ethnicity better. I wouldn’t expect a black teacher to know white culture or history.’ – you wouldn’t call that racist? Be honest.”

And she honestly replied…

  • “It isn’t racist to understand or prefer your own kind.”

Game on…

  • Me: “It isn’t racist to understand or prefer your own kind’? Any white person who wrote that would immediately be pilloried as a racist. Double standard.”
  • JenFaw: “It’s not a double standard because of the difference in history.”
  • Me: “That’s not the issue here & you know it. It’s as wrong to hire someone solely because of their race as it is to NOT hire someone solely because of their race. This is not a difficult concept & shouldn’t be arguable. But here you are…”
  • JenFaw: “Race has always been an issue in America since it’s inception. If it did not matter to you, you wouldn’t have tweeted about it. But ‘cha did! Latino issues didn’t trigger you, but a black issue did. We wonder why…?”
  • Me: “Ah, resorting to playing the ‘racist’ card, huh? Sad. The only systemic racism in this country today is by race-hustlers who insist on perpetuating victimhood & promoting the soft bigotry of low expectations. I expected better from you. Very disappointed.”
  • JenFaw: “You’re suggesting I promote race-hustling & victimhood for asking a legitimate question and pointing out a pattern of behaviors? A defective response from you is a measure of your inward feelings not mine. I don’t have to bear any shame for that. Anti-black racism exists.”
  • Me: “So does anti-white racism. Surprised you harbor it.”

JenFaw then tried to defend her anti-white racist ranting by quoting the Webster dictionary meaning of racism:

  • “(noun) prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.”

When I pointed out that recruiting black teachers based solely on their race was literally the textbook definition of racism, JenFaw blew a gasket…

  • Me: “Um, your definition of racism is exactly what you support. Jen, please don’t force me to embarrass you more than you’ve already embarrassed yourself. Let it go & quit while you’re behind.”
  • JenFaw: “Let’s see how many of the millions of black Twitter followers think I embarassed myself or just told the entire truth. MOVE along, Chuck.”
  • Me: “I’m quaking in my boots. Defend your systemic anti-white racism all you want. I ain’t playing. And that’s turned you into an emotional wreck. Keep lashing out defending the indefensible.”

Well, that REALLY set her off (as I knew it would; almost too easy)…

  • JenFaw: “Emotional because I’m a woman? You are a self fulfilling racist and sexist! Did you think I am supposed to be afraid of you cause you’re a white man? You got the wrong era and the wrong woman for sure. I defend my people as YOU do yours. It’s equality.”
  • Me: “’My people’ are Americans. Your people are ‘black’ Americans. Pretty obvious who the real racist is.”
  • JenFaw: “Apparently not, you threatened a black woman on social media because I pointed out your anti-blackness. I responded to that threat which is my right. You don’t regard blacks as equal Americans and it SHOWS. How are you being oppressed, Chuck? We’re waiting.”

At that point I realized my socks were done in the dryer – and yes, I wash my black socks together with my white socks! – and exited the exchange.

But JenFaw, still seething uncontrollably and not ready to let it go, continued to tweet at the moon…

  • “Truth HURTS 😂! He “ain’t playing” y’all.”
  • “’Americans’ meaning WHITE 😂. He couldn’t answer any of the questions I posed. He just threatened and deflected.”
  • “In their mind, blacks are OK so long as they don’t speak up and ‘let everything go’. This isn’t 1960.”
  • “If I were Mexican, Chinese, or Hindu there would be no issue. It’s ONLY when a negro advocates for Negros.”
  • “He can’t name 10 black inventors, or any African language or tribe and then wonder why african parents are upset that their kids know nothing about themselves.”

Hmm.  Sounds like a failure on the part of “african parents” to me.

Also found it interesting that while complaining about what she claims the public schools aren’t teaching about black history, her campaign website says she attended a private Christian high school and “made the serious choice to enroll her son in private school.”

So I guess private schools do a better job teaching black history than government schools?

If so, then why do so many black politicians oppose giving low-income black families school vouchers so more black kids can attend private schools?  It’s a conundrum.

I actually feel kinda sorry for black separatists like JenFaw.  Not only is she trapped in bitter, perpetual victimhood, but playing the “race card” isn’t working for her and other racial arsonists like it did in the past.

Nevertheless and to show there are no hard feelings on my part, I’ll close by wishing her a sincere Happy Kwanzaa!


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at  His views are his own.

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